Staff and Pupils of Laindon High Road School

The 1958 photograph

By Ian Mott

Who are they and where are they now?

1 Christine Sheheen23 Joy Shroder4 Susan Shew5 Carol Little
6 Tina Brewer ?7 Mary Stevens8 Maureen Nunn9 Avril Murphy10 Irene Mumford
11 Jackie Wright12 Maureen Gray13 Amelia Sammons14 Denise Allen15 Georgina Ellingford
16 Jean Barnes17 Patricia Cox1819 Doreen Granger20 Valerie Lovell
21 Mavis Seager22 Jeanette Elliot23 Doreen Rivers24 Jackie Chance25 Shirley Guilder
26 Sandra Harris27 Josie Collins28 Georgina Parker29 Jill Rogers30 Catherine Hughes
31 Ann Goodchild?32 Brenda King33 Doreen Gotobed34 Amy Clark35 Pat Gray

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Staff and Pupils of Laindon High Road School' page

36 Wendy Robertson37 Jean Charters38 Gladys Quinton39 Andrea Pinnell40 Sandra Wheelhouse?
41 Miss Jollyman42 Janet Gipson43 Margaret Birnie44 Christine Meggs45 Carol Olif
46 Christine Mason47 Pamela Callow?48 Sandra Savill49 Patricia Sargeant?50 Gloria Gannon
51 52 Helen Downes5354 Linda Watson55 Christine Thompson
56 Jennifer Bannister57 Robina Lipscomb   

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No. 4 is my twin sister Susan Shew - now Susan Brigden and she lives in Wellington NSW Australia.

By Michael Shew
On 22/07/2017

Hi.  No. 13 is Amelia Sammons, now Amelia Stewart and lives in Elgin Scotland. 

By Amelia Stewart
On 13/02/2017

No. 29 is Jill Rogers, my cousin Arthur Martin's wife.

By Peter Martin
On 07/08/2016

No. 41 Miss Jollyman was my great aunt! Lovely to stumble across a photo of her - thank you :)

By Lucy Murray
On 08/01/2016

No. 1 should read Christine Sheehan.

By Donald Joy
On 02/11/2015

No. 12 is Maureen Gray (still working today @ WestCliff & Supports Speedway!)

By Roger Wicking
On 16/09/2015

Could No. 31 be Ann Goodchild......anyone confirm?

By Eric Pasco
On 08/08/2015

No. 7 is Mary Stevens who lived in Kimberley Road off Wash Road.  Sadly she died a few years ago.

By Alan Taylor
On 22/03/2015

No. 29 - was her surname Rogers?

By Andrea Ash (nee Pinnell)
On 20/07/2014

no 23 is Doreen Rivers   myself

By Doreen Embery
On 09/02/2014

Number 3 is Joy Shroder, she now live on the Isle of Wight, she is my sister

By Jan Hamilton nee Shroder
On 28/01/2014

No. 35 is Pat Gray who came from Dunton.

By Georgina Nottage (née Ellingford)
On 01/09/2013

Christine Meggs is number 44 Carol Olif is number 45. (not sure of spelling surname)

By Christine Crossfield (Meggs)
On 11/08/2013

Yes Christine Mason is number 46, this is her sister Margaret. Thank you Pat Roper for remembering me as we had some great times together. Bumped into Helen Brown today and she told me about the site, it's great going back in time.

By Margaret Mason
On 02/07/2013

No. 9 Avril Murphy.

By Brenda Gray
On 06/03/2013

No 9 is Avril ?

By Brenda Gray née Brooks
On 28/02/2013

No 1 is Christine Sheneen, I might have spelt her surname wrong, she had brothers called David and Michael. They lived in church road prince of wales end

By Alan Taylor
On 18/02/2013

No 16 is Jean Barnes

By alan taylor
On 06/02/2013

no 17   Patricia Cox

By Carol Brennan née Hudson
On 06/07/2012

Hi, no 30 is Catherine Hughes, her twin sister is Janet on photo I

By Julie Rothwell
On 30/03/2012

I would LOVE to know what the original Sandra Harris (No 26) is doing these days, as I had very strong feelings for her, as many of our classmates knew back then. i would GENUINELY Love to hear from her, if Sandra is still around, PLEASE?

By (IM) Brian Baylis
On 23/03/2012

No. 24 Jackie Chance. She married Roger Rhind, nickname, streaky.

By Sandra Harris (Nee Cullis)
On 19/03/2012

No. 15 is Georgina Ellingford (not Ellington). Gina's father had a grocers shop in St. Nicholas Lane. 

We startd work at the PLA in London on the same day and have been friends ever since, having known her since Markhams Chase days.

By Ann Dolton
On 14/02/2012

Sitting next to me at number 40 is Sandra Wheelhouse, we were pals - I have seen a very recent photo of her - she still looks the same.

By Andrea
On 10/02/2012

49 Is I think Patricia Sargent (Sargeant?) and 57 is definitely Robina Lipscombe I didn't attend LHR but remember so many names from Langdon Hills Primary who did and friends who lived nearby.

By Linda French (née Stenson)
On 22/01/2012

No. 21. I previously named her as Christine Seager. Now I remember her name was MAVIS Seager.

By Nina Humphrey(née Burton)
On 13/01/2012

No 15 Georgina Ellington, No 25 Shirley Guilder and I thought no 40 was Ann Higgs

By Christine Hutchings (née Oliver)
On 11/01/2012

No 5 Carol Little. No 13 Amelia Salmon (known as Totty). No 30 twin to No 9 on photo 1 Catherine & Margaret.

By Pam Quarman née Atkins
On 04/01/2012

22 Jeanette Elliot

By Peter Whiting
On 16/12/2011

No 26 Sandra Harris :-)

By Patsy Spendlove née Roper
On 27/11/2011

Thank for that Thelma, when Pam married my brother (Fred Sewell) she had long hair and a fringe thats how I have always known Pam, but she could well have had short hair at school I will see her next week and hopefully confirm what you say.

By Gloria Sewell
On 27/11/2011

Back again No 34 is Amy Clark, No47 is Pamela Callow?

By Thelma Young (née Talbot)
On 26/11/2011

Just remembered Brenda's surname its King no 32 and no 26 is not Jackie Wright she is no 11 definitely.

By Patsy Spendlove née Roper
On 24/11/2011

No 11 is Jackie Wright.

By Patsy Spendlove née Roper
On 24/11/2011

No 8 is my very old friend Maureen Nunn and no 11 is also an old friend Jackie Wright .

By Patsy Spendlove
On 21/11/2011

number 48 is Sandra Savill,

By Brenda Mason (Lewis)
On 13/11/2011

I would also like to know what happened to Christine Thompson. She sat with Vanessa Crew for most of LHR. Very nice straight talking girl, we all got moved up to the 'A' stream together in the 2nd Year. Happy times.

By Richard Haines
On 08/11/2011

I would love to know what happened to number 55 Christine Thompson - I used to be the babysitter for her and the two sets of twins.

By Andrea
On 07/11/2011

No 48. NOT Christine Mason - she is No. 46.

By Nina Burton
On 07/11/2011

No. 46. Christine Mason

By Nina Burton
On 07/11/2011

21. Now I remember! Her name is Mavis Seager, not Christine. If I remember rightly, she was Laindon's last May Queen.

By Nina Humphrey (nee Burton)
On 04/11/2011

10 Irene Mumford, 21 Mavis ?

By Patsy Mott
On 04/11/2011

43. Please note correct spelling (she was in my class (Margaret Birnie)

By Nina Humphrey
On 02/11/2011

33 Doreen Gotobed.

By Ken Page
On 01/11/2011

No. 32 Brenda

By Valerie Kingsley
On 01/11/2011

No. 28 Georgina Parker No. 43 Margaret Burney No. 54 Linda Watson No 55 Christine Thompson Next to Christine is Jennifer Bannister Then it is Robin Lipscombe (57) Behind Miss Jolyman is it no 36 is Wendy Robertson

By Valerie Kingsley
On 01/11/2011

27 - Josie Collins (definitely so not on Page 2, sorry) 28 - Georgina Parker 33 - Doreen Gotobed 37 - Jean Charters (living in the USA) 38 - Gladys Quinton (lived in South Africa, now dec.) 40 - Sandra Wheelhouse

By Andrea
On 01/11/2011

No. 14 is Denise Allen

By Valerie Kingsley
On 01/11/2011

19 Doreen Grainger

By Joan Baterip
On 01/11/2011

49 Christine Thompson

By Richard Haines
On 01/11/2011

6. Tina Brewer? 21. Christine Seager? 28. Georgina ? 41. Miss Jollyman. 42. Janet Gipson. 43. Margaret Birnie. 46. Christine Mason. 52. Gloria Gannon. 54. Helen Downes.

By Nina Humphrey
On 01/11/2011

39 Andrea Pinnell,41 Miss Jollyman

By Ken Page
On 01/11/2011