Staff and Pupils of Laindon High Road School

The 1958 photograph

By Ian Mott

Who are they and where are they now

1 Sylvia Smith?2 Marian Wells (Twin)3 Pat Barnard45 Mary Wells (Twin)
6 Janet Smithers78 Georgina Rogers9 Mary Baker10
1112131415 Sandra Harris
16 Carol Bailey17 Joyce Dean18 Linda Lewis 19 Irene Cutler20 Denise Adams
21 Carol Scholls ?2223 Averill Allen24 Dawn Willets25 Andria Bardot
26 Brenda Tyler2728 Mary Marchant29 Christine Oliver30 Sylvia?

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Staff and Pupils of Laindon High Road School' page

31 Grace Taylor3233 Jean Suttle34 Jackie Bridle35 Cherry Walden
36 Marlene Baylis37 Lesley Cousins38 Janet Savill39 Judith Drewer40 Evelyn Barton
41 Rose Gipson42 Eileen Burton43 Joyce Farrington44 Carol Cooper45 Shirley Newman
46 Doreen ?47 Jenifer Westwood48 Anne Freeman?4950 Christina Resetti
51 Pat Perry52 Veronica Bridges53 Linda Bartley54 Joyce Gordon55 Rosemary Grove
5657 Gwen Mobley58 Yvonne Drew/Sandra Honney?59 Rosemary Brand60 June Breedon
61 Christine Ross    

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No. 46 is Doreen ??

By Christine Snazell
On 30/01/2017

No. 50 is Christina Rosetti

By ChristyL
On 29/01/2015

No. 58 is definitely Yvonne Drew.

By Christy Lindsell
On 23/07/2014

Hi, Georgina: Yes I think you're right on Sylvia Smith.(see 3 on '56) Regards RW

By Roger Wicking
On 06/03/2014

Could No.1 is Sylvia Smith?

By Georgina Nottage (nee Ellingford)
On 28/02/2014

No 3 is Grace Taylor

By Dianne Amos
On 26/09/2013

No 3 is Pat Barnard, no 19 is Irene Cutler, and I am quite sure 58 is not Sandra Honey

By Lesley Gibson (Cousins)
On 03/09/2013

No. 16 is Carol Bailey who lived in Pound Lane.

By Georgina Nottage (née Ellingford)
On 01/09/2013

Is 58 Sandra Honney ?

By Richard Haines
On 29/03/2013

Hi, No 48 maybe Anne Freeman.

By Julie
On 30/03/2012

Hello Caroline, I look forward to seeing you after all these years, take care.

By Julie Rothwell
On 26/03/2012

Hi Julie I will try to get to the memory day on May 25th but don’t know where it is.

Editor: The Memory Day will be at Laindon Library between 10am & 12 noon. Hope you can make it Caroline.

By Caroline Franklin/nee Brown
On 25/03/2012

No. 51 is Pat Perry. I saw her granddaughter this morning and she confirmed her correct name.

By Nina Humphrey(née Burton)
On 23/03/2012

Hi Caroline, I have made a date in my diary to attend a memory day on May 25th it would be great if you could be there.

By Julie Rothwell(Judith Drewer)
On 14/03/2012

Hello Caroline, I remember we were very good friends when I lived in Kathleen Ferrier Crescent. 

I have lived here in Eye Suffolk for six years but often come to Essex to see family. I am going to make an effort to attend a memory day in Laindon I will let you know then maybe we could meet lovely to hear from you.

By Julie Rothwell (Judith Drewer)
On 13/03/2012

Hi Julie I remember you as Judith we were pals way back in our youth. I haven’t seen you since we left school. Do you still live locally? 

Iris Midlane you and I used to go around together. Iris lived in Compton Walk I lived in Roberts Road.  I can’t remember the name of your close Julie? 

I now live in Basildon would love to catch up Caroline.

By Caroline Franklin /nee Brown
On 13/03/2012

No 30 is Sylvia Rowe. By Judith Rothwell nee Drewer, known now as Julie. 9/3/2012

By Julie Rothwell
On 10/03/2012

I have been trying to remember Jackie Bridle's surname for ages. She had a twin sister Bobby and a younger sister Elaine. Jackie is definitely No. 34

By Ann Dolton
On 14/02/2012

Mr Allen who was one of the teachers at LHS was the brother of Averil Allen who is number 23 in this photo. I was quite a fan of his, as he was young and seemed more like one of us at the time. 

When Averil signed my autograph album in 1957 she put her full address of where she lived in Dunton Road. Funnily enough it wasn't until I moved from Laindon that I found out where Dunton Road was.

By Joan Baterip
On 19/01/2012

Number 21- believe this is Carol Scholls - not sure if this is the correct spelling

By Patsy Mott
On 19/01/2012

No.50 is Christine ?

By Brenda Mason (née Lewis)
On 11/01/2012

No 34 is one of the Bridle twins. Either Bobbie or Jackie. I think it's Jackie

By Christine Hutchings (nee Oliver)
On 11/01/2012

Yes, it's the other one 21 on page 2 that is Vanessa Crew.

By Richard Haines
On 05/01/2012

No 15 Sandra Harris. No 47 Jenifer Westwood. No 57 Gwen Mobley. (behind No 42) is No 33 Jean Suttle.

Editor: You named Vennesa Crews as 21 on Page 2, she has been named as 48 on this page can you please check?

By Pam Quarman née Atkins
On 04/01/2012

23 Averill Allen, 20 Denise Addams

By Peter Whiting
On 16/12/2011

Gloria, yes I do remember Rosemary Brand, she was in my year at LHR, her photo 59 isnt good on here, Valerie Boatwright could confirm. Also I think 52 is Veronica Bridges with glasses on. Keep looking guys.

By Richard Haines
On 02/12/2011

Richard you must remember Rosmary Brand she lived in Kathleen Ferrier Crescent and married someone called Alan from Laindon Hills way. She was a very tall pretty girl and Pam Callows best friend.

By Gloria Sewell
On 02/12/2011

No 39 is Judith Drewer, No 54 is Joyce Gordon, No 59 is Rosemary Brand.

By Thelma Young (nee Talbot)
On 26/11/2011

No 30 is Sylvia?

By Patsy Spendlove née Roper
On 24/11/2011

No 55 is Rosemary Groves she lived in Langdon Hills near me.

By Patsy Spendlove
On 21/11/2011

Re number 13 (dark haired girl wearing alice band). Does anyone else think it could be Gillian English now Gill Simmonds.

By Andrea Ash (Nee Pinnell)
On 12/11/2011

Re number 40 - Evelyn's surname was Barton.

By Andrea
On 06/11/2011

Hi Richard. I've just looked at my copy of the photo and I agree that No 7 doesn't look as dark as on the website. However, there definiely was a black girl at LHS. One afternoon after lunch, Mr Woodward called us into the hall and introduced us to 'Janice' the school's first black pupil. I remember her clearly. We were about 12 or 13 at the time. I shall have to contact my classmate Janet to see if she can remember Janice's surname.

By Nina Burton
On 06/11/2011

On my copy the girl at 7 does not appear to be any darker than the surrounding children. She has straight sleek hair, pulled back off her face and may have been in slight shadow. Certainly I dont remember any ethnic children at LHR all the time I was there.

By Richard Haines
On 06/11/2011

48 Vanessa Crew

By Richard Haines
On 05/11/2011

No Gloria, Number 40 is definitely not Evelyn Brewer - I used to travel up to London with her and she was slightly auburn. This Evelyn (H?) was darker, had an olive type of skin; she was well known for fainting in assembly. No-one took her seriojusly but unfortunately she wasn't feigning - she died at about 17 years old. I will ask Rose Gipson because she may remember her name.

By Andrea Ash (Nee Pinnell)
On 04/11/2011

No 60. I now know her first name is June Breedon

By Nina Humphrey
On 04/11/2011

Hi Patsy and Ian. No. 7 - a little dark smiling face. We had recently all been called into the hall by Mr Woodward to meet 'Janice' Laindon High Road School's first black pupil. I think that could be her. Sorry I can't remember her surname and doubly sorry if I am mistaken.

I though she was a black young lady but Patsy is not sure

By Nina Humphrey (nee Burton)
On 04/11/2011

is no.40 evelyn Brewer Tina Brewers sister

By Gloria Sewell
On 04/11/2011

Number 8 is Georgina Rogers (Eddy's younger sister)

By Andrea
On 04/11/2011

Sorry please take Mary Marchant's name from number 26 - didn't read the number correctly - got the magnifier out! - its number 28.

By Andrea
On 04/11/2011

2 & 5 Marian & Mary Wells (Twins). 8 Georgina ?

By Patsy Mott
On 04/11/2011

No sorry 36 is Marlene, her brother told me so.

By valerie Kingsley (Boatwright)
On 03/11/2011

No. 28 is Mary Marchant is 36 Rosemary Rawlinson?

By Valerie Kingsley (Boatwright)
On 03/11/2011

Correction please Ian or Christine will thump me next year,number 29 is Christine Oliver not 30 as previously stated, cheers, Ken

Editor: You can always claim me everybody else does.

By Ken Page
On 02/11/2011

No. 51. I now think her surname maybe Burnett as I have seen Pat Perry further along.

By Nina Humphrey
On 02/11/2011

No. 6 Janet Smithers Can't make out the number in between no. 6 an 12 is Mary Baker No. 36 Marlene Baylis No.38 Janet Savill

By Valerie Kingsley
On 01/11/2011

26 - Mary Marchant (?) 40 - Evelyn (?) 42 - Eileen Burton 43 - Joyce Farrington 45 - Shirley Newman

By Andrea
On 01/11/2011

No. 18 is Linda Lewis

By Valerie Kingsley
On 01/11/2011

17 Joyce Dean

By Joan Baterip
On 01/11/2011

60. ? Breedon

By Nina Humphrey
On 01/11/2011

24. Dawn Willets. 35. Cherry Walden 37. Lesley Cousins. 41. Rose Gipson. 51. Pat Perry. 52. Linda Bartley. 61. Christine Ross.

By Nina Humphrey
On 01/11/2011

25 Andy Bardot,30 Christine Oliver,44 Carol Cooper I remember lots of the other faces but not their names,regards Ken.

By Ken Page
On 01/11/2011