Langdon Hills Primary

1961 School Photograph

By Ian Mott

21 Stephanie Harrison22 Frances Tyler23 Jane Rattu ?24 Penny Hooper
25 Julia Rees26 ? Nicholl (Mrs Nicholl's daughter)27 Beverley Pomroy28 Margaret Dowst (Lungley's shop)/Jacky Cook?
29 ? Darby30 Rosemary Maitland31 ______?32 Penny ?
33 Ursula Hurley34 Christine Robinson35 Christine Gladstone (? and emigrated)36 Elizabeth Wackett
37 Margaret Maccarthur38 Maureen Savill.39 Suki Garson40 Barbara Hurley
41 ______?  

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Langdon Hills Primary' page

By Keith Jackson from Paul Sargeant original

01 Diana Blackford02 ______?03 Glynis Chrome?04 Christine Townsend
05 Vivienne Green06 Judith Dutnall07  Mrs Middleton school secretary08 Mrs Edna Herbert 
09 Mrs Dorothy Gilchrist10 Mrs Ivy Pomroy11 Mrs Chance12 Coleen O'Neil
13 ______?14 Caroline Lock15 Patricia Chesterman16 Jacqueline Marshall
17 Jennifer Bailey18 Lynette Doubleday19 Sandra McDonald20 .............?

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My sister was Stephanie Harrison, not Susan Harrison No. 21 above.

By Winton Harrison
On 21/01/2017

No. 3 - Glynis Chrome (I have added a ? as Glynis Chrome has been identified elsewhere). No. 5 - Vivienne Green.  No. 21 - (Susan) Harrison.  No. 23 - Jane Rattu ?.  No. 26 - ? Nicholl (Mrs Nicholl's daughter).  No. 28 - Margaret Dowst (Lungley's shop).  No. 29 - ? Darby.  No. 35 - Christine Gladstone (? and emigrated). These names were supplied by Judith Howgego née Dutnall.

By Nina Humphrey(née Burton)
On 26/05/2015

No. 10 in the photograph is my mum Mrs Ivy Pomroy, school cook.  No. 27 is Beverley Pomroy not Pamela.

By Gloria Mordecai nee Pomroy
On 05/04/2015

No. 9 is Mrs Dorothy Gilchrist.

By Colin Pegrum
On 08/10/2014

I think I am number 38 in the photograph Maureen Savill.  I recall some of the girls names Ursula Hurley and Elizabeth Wackett, I wondered whether they recall my name. I emigrated to Australia in 1989.

By Maureen Savill
On 28/04/2014

No 16 is Jacqueline Marshall  no 17 Jennifer Bailey no 19 Sandra McDonald 

By Jacqueline Marshall
On 02/03/2014

No 11 is Mrs Chance

By Linda Buckenham Née Markham
On 20/09/2013

No 30 is Rosemary Maitland

By Joan Goodfellow née White
On 09/08/2013

32 Penny something,her younger brother drowned on family holiday. 37 Margaret Maccarthur, my best friend,but she went to Fryerns as she passed her 11 plus, I was devastated! 39 Suki Garson, doctors daughter, another friend, emigrated to Canada. 40 Barbara Hurley

By Elizabeth Willetts née Wackett
On 04/08/2013

No 7 is Mrs Middleton school secretary. ooh I wish they had one of these photos for 1962, when I started, still I do recognise quite a few, great stuff.

By Angela Underdown née Carter
On 27/03/2013

No 1 is Diana Blackford, she emigrated to Australia in about 1964 - according to my mother, Mrs Norma Rand (nee Ruffler) who ran the cubs, with her husband Eric Rand, a few years before this photo was taken. Both now in their 80s, they are fit and well and living in Lincolnshire

By Cherry Waters (née Rand)
On 02/03/2013

No.18 is Lynette Doubleday. No.27 is Pamela Pomroy.

By Martin Robinson
On 01/02/2013

No.14 is Caroline Lock who lived next door but one to the school ( south side ).

By Martin Robinson
On 30/01/2013

No.34 is Christine Robinson, my sister. No.22 is Frances Tyler, who was probably the first person I spoke to when I started school in Mrs Nichols class.

And No.15 is Patricia Chesterman, who I sat next to in Mrs Wendons class. It was very unusual for a boy to sit next to a girl in those days, but she used to make such a fuss of me (fill my inkwell for me, and so on) and we used to get on so well (soul mates really), so it seemed a sensible thing to do. Didn't get any stick from the other boys though.

By Martin Robinson
On 29/01/2013

No 25 - Merill Rees (not sure of spelling)

By Judy Webb (Née Ranson)
On 15/01/2013

Whoops!! no. 8 is Mrs edna Herbert not no. 4

By Ellen English nee Burr
On 23/12/2012

I thought no 4 on this page was Christine Townsend, I think Edna is on another page

By judy webb
On 22/12/2012

I believe no. 4 is Mrs Edna Herbert

By Ellen English née Burr
On 19/12/2012

24 - Penny Hooper 33 - Ursula Hurley 12 - Coleen O'Neil, 6 is Judith Dutnall, 36 is Elizabeth Wackett.

By Judy Webb (Née Ranson)
On 18/12/2012
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