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Laindon and District Community Archive (LDCA) is part of a group of archives known as the South East Essex Community Network (SEECAN). The archives were set up in partnership with the Essex Libraries and Essex Record Office with funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

The archives were tasked with creating a digital record of the Social and Physical History of the communities through documents, photographs, video and the spoken word, gathered from people who over the years have had a part in the development of the area or who have the area to thank for their development. This will allow the history of the evolution Laindon and the surrounding district to be recorded to allow your children and grandchildren to see, through the eyes of residents, how the community has evolved from the a farming community to the current urban conurbation and with their contributions its continuing development

Photographs on the website are the property and copyright of the contributor and it will be necessary to obtain their permission prior to using them in any other article, website or publication. If you wish to use them we will endeavour to obtain permission if you contact us. 

The archives forming SEECAN have shown that there is a vast amount of information about the Social History of the communities we serve held by families who have lived and in many cases still live in the areas.

There are however a number of communities that have not yet created an archive where this information can be recorded so that future generations can see how their community may have evolved. It is becoming more urgent to ensure this information is recorded before the progress of urbanisation completely over-runs the communities.

It has been decided therefore that if the communities surrounding our Laindon and District Archive wish to record the Social History of their area we will form a section for them on our site. If at a future date an archive is created specifically covering any of the areas we will transfer the relevant information.

Initially we are inviting West Horndon, Bulphan, Horndon on the Hill, Stanford-le-Hope and Fobbing to join. If however you are from another area and would like to be included just contact the Editor

If any areas would like to create their own archive please contact the Editor who will only be too happy to advise as to the best way forward to become part of SEECAN.

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