Lee Chapel

The Parish of Lee Chapel links the two parishes of Laindon and Langdon Hills together. Lee is again derived from the Anglo Saxon, Leam(h) meaning woodland clearing and at the time of Domesday was claimed by the King. Chapel was added at a later date. The parish had two small hamlets, one at East Lee the Chapel being situated in the area around the junction of the Knares and Stanway. The other at West Lee with the Chapel we believe near Westley Hall. In the mid fourteen hundreds West Lee was added to Langdon Hills. East Lee kept its parish status but came under the influence and control of Laindon.

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Coronation Party 1953
Primrose Estate, Laindon
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Hedge Laying with Langdon Living Landscape.
Saturday 2nd November 2013.
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Some history of the area encompassing Northumberland Avenue that is fondly remembered by Fred Taylor
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Queen's Silver Jubilee Street Party
Woolmergreen, Lee Chapel North, June 1977