Health of the Community

Reminiscences of the medical services and the Doctors who served our community

Page link: Dr Shannon
Dr Shannon
Laindon's Medical Pioneer Passes
Page link: Lovely Laindon (Part 3)
Lovely Laindon (Part 3)
"The dangers of cross infection." (Continuing the theme of "how is it you became a Laindoner?")
Page link: Midwives in Laindon.
Midwives in Laindon.
Some thoughts on the manner in which attitudes can be altered by changing circumstances
Page link: Nurse Trickey
Nurse Trickey
my mum
Page link: Sissinghurst
Does the this name mean anything to you
Page link: The local Workhouse Story
The local Workhouse Story
Did Laindon and Langdon Hills once have their own Workhouses?
Page link: Wilson Chemists
Wilson Chemists
The staff who served the Community
Page link: Workhouse
Social Services in the days in days gone by