Through the Decades

A time line through the evolution of our community

We will try to show how over the years the various areas of our community have changed over the years

Category link: The War Years
The War Years
This was a period when there were significant changes to our community
Category link: When?
Do you know when this occurred
Category link: History in the making
History in the making
A look at at our District today as the formation of the History for the next generaton
Page link: The Geology of the Langdon Hills
The Geology of the Langdon Hills
The geology of the Langdon Hills is similar to other high points in south Essex
Page link: Queen Elizabeth Coronation
Queen Elizabeth Coronation
The Residents of Laindon and Langdon Hills, Essex. Tender to Your Majesty their Loyal and Affectionate Greetings on the occasion of your Coronation.