2014 Site Statistics

The monthly details

By Ian Mott

I give just a brief explanation as to what the terms mean

  • Sessions:           This is the total number of visitors to the site.
  • Users (Unique):  These are first time visitors to the site. 
  • Page views:        These are the total number of pages viewed by visitors.
  • Pages per Visit:  This simply the number of pages viewed divided by the number of visitors.
  • Bounce Rate %: This indicates the number of visitors that open the front page and then leave without spending time on the site.

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Stats have been completed for the Year. Sorry for the delay 

By Ian Mott
On 01/02/2015

The site Statistics have been updated until the end of November

By Ian Mott
On 09/12/2014

Statistics have been updated for October

By Ian Mott
On 02/11/2014

The 2014 statistics have been updated.

By Ian Mott
On 01/09/2014
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