3rd Laindon Girl Guides July 1937.

By Nina Humphrey(née Burton)

This photograph was taken in the grounds of St Nicholas Church.

Back row: 5th from left, Captain – the taller girl next to her is Hilda Harber, then on the right (not sure which one) is Doris Farthing.

Directly in front of Captain is Peggy Poulton.

Front row sitting – left to right:  first, Gertie Lawther, then next to her Judy Parkinson.

Photo:3rd Laindon Guides July 1937.

3rd Laindon Guides July 1937.

Vivienne Salmon

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Another blast from the past with the mention of Doris Farthing, who was our next door neighbour in Essex Road and subsequently went on to be the Akela of the Cub pack to which I belonged to.

Doris later lived in Langdon Hills and kept in touch with our family for many years until after compulsory purchase of all the Essex Road properties we all headed off in various directions. My sister who still resides in Laindon may have more information on her whereabouts in the years after I left for Australia.

By Eric Pasco
On 02/02/2017