The Western Perimeter where the Plotland developments, which covered most of our area, were not built on during the creation of Basildon.

The name Dunton Wayletts is taken from the Anglo Saxon name for Hill Town or settlement on or at a crossroad or path. Today we only refer to the parish of Dunton but forty years ago the spot on the Arterial Road (A127) where the Ford Dunton flyover now is was known as Dunton Wayletts. At the time of the Domesday Dunton was in the hands of Ode-Bishop of Bayeaux - ‘Duntuna’. Dunton in recent years has become well known for the Plotland development that took place in the Basildon area during the early decades of the 1900s.  Dunton was the last of these developments.

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Page link: Dunton Reunion 3rd August 2013.
Dunton Reunion 3rd August 2013.
At The Haven in Third Avenue
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The Haven and Plotlands
by Jennifer Shirley, Assistant Museum Manager at The Haven Museum
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Dunton Reunion 2011
This is my opportunity to visit and reminisce my childhood playground
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Dunton reunion 6th August 2011.
At The Haven, Dunton Visitor Centre
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Water tower
Kirkham Road
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Allan Young
Reproduction of his book Down the Line