Can you assist in identifying people and families who live or lived in our community. It is opportunity to provide additional information with dates and any other relevant comments to assist in recording the story of our community and its families. 

These are the families that made our community and the stories of their live deserve to be told. It will also enable the Social History of our community to be recorded for our descendants. 

Page link: Markham's Farm in Langdon Hills
Markham's Farm in Langdon Hills
What happened to the family
Page link: Laindon School Football Team
Laindon School Football Team
Some time between1933-1939
Page link: Reunion
St.Mary's Youth Club
Page link: Lincoln's Hope
Lincoln's Hope
I am trying to trace my family can you help
Page link: Brother I never met
Brother I never met
Can you help
Page link: Mr. White's class 4FW 1964
Mr. White's class 4FW 1964
Where are you now?
Page link: Charles Edward Clark & family.
Charles Edward Clark & family.
Lived at No.1 Railway Cottages
Page link: Morris's Outfitters
Morris's Outfitters
One of our lost shops
Page link: Mystery Photograph
Mystery Photograph
Any ideas?
Page link: Robert Scott in Wheelchair Race
Robert Scott in Wheelchair Race
Wheelchair race for charity from Prince of Wales to the Crown Hotel Langdon Hills
Page link: Photo Album
Photo Album
They kept the Community in touch but who, why and when?