Editors Notes

I will provide general assistance on submitting articles but if you have a specific problem in submitting an article please let me know and I will try to advise you on how to achieve the result you require.

I will respond individually but if there is a general problem I will post the solution in this section.

I will also try to keep you informed about improvements to the layout of the Website

Page link: Memory days
Memory days
Have you say on when they are held
Page link: Tips on submitting Articles Electronically
Tips on submitting Articles Electronically
Some assistance to allow your article to be presented how you want to see it.
Page link: Note 1
Note 1
The pleasures of editing the website
Page link: Note 2
Note 2
Some site changes and how to have a tea break while writing an article.
Page link: Note 3
Note 3
Changes to the layout
Page link: Note 4
Note 4
Somewhere to start new lines of interest
Page link: Note 5
Note 5
Trying to make the site easier to navigate through
Page link: Note 6
Note 6
Proposed changes to the site
Page link: Note 7
Note 7
An apology and a tip
Page link: Note 8
Note 8
Looking to the future and have you noticed the improved photographs
Page link: Note 9
Note 9
Notice Boards
Page link: Note 10
Note 10
Site changes
Page link: Note 11
Note 11