Charles Edward Clark & family.

Lived at No.1 Railway Cottages

By Marion Wright

Hi, I have an ancestor named Charles Edward Clark, he was born in Pinchbeck Lincolnshire in 1864, sometime before 1888 he moved to Laindon. In 1888 he married Elizabeth Lawrence in Billericay district. They settled in Laindon, and for many years lived at no.1 Railway Cottages, Charles was a platelayer by trade. They had the following children that I know of: Edward 1890, John 1891-1972, William 1893, Lillian 1896, Alice 1898, Frederick 1899, Edith 1901, Rose Amy 1906-1996, and Henry George (known as Jos) 1907-1982.

I wondered if there are any living family members still in the Laindon area, I have been researching this family for a number of years and have quite a lot of information, if anyone is interested in their Clark family roots in Lincolnshire it would be great to hear from them. 

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Dear Louise l have just re read one of your comments and yes we are related. You are my great uncle Bert's granddaughter. I seem to have two Arthurs in my tree.  Did aunt Win lose a baby ??? Do you have a family tree?

l would love to make contact but don't know how as there are many questions l would like to ask. My dad, also an Arthur, talked a lot about his uncle Bert working on the station and he saw my sister off when she left for Malta to get married.  For years he had her wedding picture in the window of his keosk in the platform. Regards.

Editor:  I have forwarded your email address on to Louise.

By Peter Martin
On 08/03/2017

Hi Valerie, l am also related to the Martins in the Railway Cottages.  Great Uncle Bertie was my grandfather's youngest brother and was Station Master in the 50's.  His wife was Aunt Win.....would like to catch up and add to my tree any new relatives.

By Peter J Martin
On 07/03/2017

Hello Louise, my name is Peter Martin.  l was just wondering what branch of the family you are from.  My parents and l lived in Berry Lane from 1950 until 1978.  Parents were Arthur and Ellen (Nelly), grandparents were Arthur and Eliza.   Please feel free to contact me by e-mail.

By Peter J Martin
On 07/03/2017

I would really like to get in touch with Marion as my dad is John and his father was Charles and mother Elizabeth. When they passed on we moved into No 1 Railway Cottages until is was pulled down in 1972. That house Charles and Elizabeth Clark moved in 1888 and stayed with the Clark family until it was pulled down 1972.

By Charlie Clark
On 22/08/2014

Hi my name is Louise, I am related to the Martins. My dad was Arthur Martin, my grandparents were Winifred and Bert.

By Louise Martin
On 25/03/2014

Hi. Further to my last comment and checking my family tree I am not related to Charles Clark but I am related to the Martins and the Monks who lived in the railway cottages.

By Valerie Hayter
On 19/03/2014

Sorry. I meant Charles and Elizabeth.

By Valerie Hayter
On 17/03/2014

I am related to John and Elizabeth Clark. My grandmother was May and she married a Harry Sach. I live in Langdon Hills now but I remember visiting my aunts and uncles at the cottages when I was young.

By Valerie Hayter
On 17/03/2014

Hi Charlie who lived next door to Rita in Royston Avenue, I think a chap called Fred lived next door but can not remember his surname.

I lived in Martindale Ave, thanks

By Alan Taylor
On 10/11/2013

Hi Marion, I would like to get in contact with you as I'm one of the Clark family, my dad John, his father was Charles Edward Clark who lived in No1 Railway cottages. We lived there when Elizabeth passed on in 1944. Get in touch. Charlie

By Charlie Clark
On 03/09/2013

Hi my nan and grandad Saltmarsh lived at no 6 or 8 and there was a families called Martins and Hymus. 

There was a air raid shelter in the green before you got to the cottages.

By Alan Taylor
On 10/02/2013

I lived in no 1 railway cottages, my father was John Clark, his father was Charles Edward Clark. I travelled to Linconshire many times to get information of my ancestors.

By Charles Clark
On 26/11/2012