Early Life in Laindon 1940 to 1947. Part 1.

Wartime Memories

By Beryl Mallett

With the advent of VE Day I have memories of that day at Markham's Chase Primary School when I was in reception class and Janet Duke was the Head Teacher.

My father had nailed a fabric Union Jack to a pole for me to carry in the parade. I was rather aggrieved when my flag was given to a boy to carry and I was given a bamboo stick with a paper, homemade flag on it!  We all marched round the grounds of the school.

At some point, ratings in naval uniform came to school to distribute bananas, the first I had ever seen. On another occasion we were required to take an empty tin to school and we were given cocoa powder.

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I do remember taking in the tin for cocoa powder (Langdon Hills Primary) and there not being much left by the time I got home. Yes, I was in trouble. I also remember my mother teaching me how to peel a banana.

By Gerald Jones
On 05/05/2015