Horses on HP

A British Pathé video from1961

By Colin Humphrey

Photo:click on image to go to British Pathé site to see video

click on image to go to British Pathé site to see video

British Pathé

 When you get to the site just click on the clip image. 

I hope everyone enjoys watching this clip which I found purely by chance.  you can see the facilities Billy foyle provided for the horses at the Zoo site in Crays Hill.

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Hi Helen,  Yes that's right, Billy Foyle kept his exotic pets at White's Bridge House/Farm which is now a small business park.

By Colin Humphrey
On 19/10/2015

Hi Colin. Where abouts was the Zoo at Crays Hill? Was it were the fishing tackle shop is now, not far from Harding Elms Road?

By Helen Painter
On 19/10/2015

This clip was taken at our family home 'Frierns Farm' Wickford. Great to see my dad as a young man I would have been 1yr old then!

By Anne Foyle
On 22/05/2013