Langdon Hills Primary School Band 1951/52?

Do you recognise your self or friends

By Joan Baterip (nee Sarfas)

Photo:School Band 1952/3?

School Band 1952/3?

Joan Baterip (nee Sarfas)

  Jessie Hernandez  Jeffrey Mesnard  Peter Jackson  Jimmy Hopkins  Mickey Marshall?  William Cole  
Richard WoollenBrian FullerJoan SarfasShirley GreenfieldPeter Edwards_______?Jimmy Roden?
______?Helen EllisYvonne HeatherSandra Van HoutenPat O'Rourke?____?Philip Walters


 Valerie LovellDilys HandKathleen ClarkeKen MaceNina Donovan?
Gloria Pomeroy?


We were all at Langdon Hills Primary School 1952/52?

I am pretty Sure we went to a school in Benfleet to join other Bands in a competition.  May be you can remember more

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The second boy from the right in the second row from the front is my brother Philip Walters - now living with his wife and family in Cornwall.

By Iris Wootton
On 16/06/2014

I was at Laindon Hills school from 1952 until 1957. I recall Gloria Pomeroy, Roy Mansfied, Dorothy Tate, Jennifer Garrity, Vivian Laigdon,Robert Underhill, Jean Hayes, George Le Surff etc. I have a photograph of us all with Miss Baker.

By Sandra Stephens nee Springall
On 07/08/2013

Talking about names from the past I have just found my old autograph book again and some of the names in it are as follows:-

Elaine Soul, Joyce Dean, Nina Donovan, Gillian Rogers, Mary Warren, Grace Bays, Valerie Peall, Alver Ellul, Richard Woollen, Dilys Hand, M.Burr, Ruth Millstead, Christine Seager, Barbara Reynolds, Doreen Grainger, Jennifer Smeed, K. Clark, Sally Weston, Dawn Willats, Fred Sewell, Peter Edwards, Jessie Hernandez, Maureen Roache, Susanna Young, Valerie Brooker, Eric Manhood, Valerie Lovell, Sandra Van Houten, Ellen Burr, Christina Clarke, Marion Green, Valerie Sibbons, Averil Allen, John Reynolds and lastly Peter Jackson, hows that for a blast from the past !!

By Joan Baterip
On 16/09/2012

Alver Ellul, that kid with the unforgettable name. I'll go to the foot of our stairs! Hope life has treated you well (same goes for you, Joan). But shhh, City an unmentionable. Place never fulfilled. Art and Architecture provide that.

By Rick Woollen
On 15/09/2012

Second thoughts front right might be Gloria Pomeroy. Nina was tall.

By Alver Ellul
On 12/06/2012

2nd row; ?, Helen Ellis, Yvonne Heather, Sandra Van Houten?, Pat O' Rourke??, . Front row; far right, Nina Donovan?, 2nd from right, Ken Mace, not West? City slickers might call you Rick, but you're Richard to us!

By Alver Ellul
On 12/06/2012

Hi Joan, we were very lucky kids, couldn't have done better than LHPS (esp. with ensuing state edu. tragedy). 

Re Woollen; normal spelling, but probably anglicised by my jewish antecedents. 

Re Rick; all Tony Williams's fault, he'd interrupt my dinky grand prix around nightingale parade's famed track by shouting "filthy Richard!", and yes, big congrats to those responsible for site (and big thanks to google).

By Rick Woollen
On 02/02/2012

I am so pleased you liked the photo (but how can you call yourself Rick?) to me you will always be Richard. I used to think your surname was special because it was spelt Double U double O double L en. Daft now when you think back. Don't you think the people running this site are doing a grand job, it was so nice to see your name on the site. Kind regards.

By Joan Baterip
On 01/02/2012

How fantastic to see this image suddenly appear from the mists of time. My memory is not what it was, but that is definitely me far left, and the boy standing next to me was my great pal Brian "Bunny" Fuller. I'd love to know what happened to him? As for the other question marks, i'm at a loss. I remember the faces, but the names remain in the mists. all the best.

By Rick Woollen
On 01/02/2012

On seeing the photo, I have just phoned my sister Jean, who now lives in Lincolnshire. I'm sure when she has a look she will be able to add some names. I remeber the names of some of her friends listed.

By Ian Hollowbread
On 11/01/2012

My family have lived in Langdon Hills since 1860,and go back to the mid 1600's all from villages in Essex.

My grandfather went to the little village school, thatched roof opposite the church in Langdon Hills St Mary's and All Saints in the 1880's and 1890's most of my family were christened and married there including myself. 

When the new school opened in the early twentieth century my family attended there. 

Photo c 1952/53 shows from L-R back row Richard Woollen, Jessie Hernandez, ____?, Jeffrey Mesnard, Joan Sarfraz, Peter Jackson, Shirley Greenfield, Jimmy Hopkins, Peter Edwards, possibly Mickey Marshall next ____?, William Cole possibly last on top row Jimmy Roden 

Mid Row L - R ____?, Helen Ellis, Jean Hollowbread, ____?, ____?, ____?, ____?, ____? 

Front Row L- R Valerie Lovell, ____?, Kathy Clarke, Keith West, ____?

By Ellen English née Burr
On 24/11/2011

Yvonne would be Yvonne Heather.

By Andrea Ash (Nee Pinnell)
On 08/11/2011

I am pretty sure that the boy standing back left with tambourine is Richard Woollen I am really surprised that no one else has recognised anyone in this photo yet, it would be so nice to get all the names. Joan Baterip

By Joan Baterip
On 30/09/2011

Have a very strong feeling that the girl in second row, third from left was Yvonne ?

By Andrea
On 06/09/2011

I can remember when I was at Langdon Hills primary I was in the school choir and we went to Benfleet to compete with other school's and we came second. Can anyone else remember this?

By Patricia Cash (née Card)
On 03/09/2011
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