Markhams Chase

Elizabethan Pageant 1953

By Ann Rugg

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 1 Linda ? 2 June ? 3 Christine Riggs 4 Valerie Tanswell
 5 Colin Collinson 6 Peter Shroder 7 Alan ? 8 David Brown
 9 Maureen Waterman10 Janet Rowe11 Beryl Pasco12 Sandra Linney
13 Marjorie Bush14 Lillian Bardot15 Peter ?16 Jimmy Green
17 David Baine18 Pat Brooker19 John Rowe20 Hazel Cuttler
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Just to let you know: No. 12 is myself, Sandra Linney and No. 14 is Lillian Bardot.

By Sandra Cartlidge
On 19/11/2015