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The lovely Alan (Alan Cox) was my stepbrother for 6 years, 1961-1967 then his dad and my mum split up and I never saw him or his siblings, Pat, Pamela, Ray, Pauline and Lesley ever again. We all moved from Laindon onto Vange in about '63. If anyone knows any of their whereabouts or have any old photos, like more school photos, please get in touch. Thank you.

By Valerie Smeeton
On 27/04/2017

Good to see all the guys in the 1959 cricket team, it brings back so many memories. Does anybody know the whereabouts of the rest of the team? I have only just looked at the site.

I moved to the north of England in 1969 and still play tennis and squash. My name is Jeff Stacey. (Sat next to Alan Cox the wicket keeper) Hope you are all well and hope to hear from you.


By Jeff Stacey
On 18/03/2015

Mr Diment, No 6 is Donald Woodley, I got the name wrong originally. I do not know if his father played for Laindon CC.

By Eric Pasco
On 01/02/2012

The no.6 boy in the back row is named as Derek Woodley. Would he have been the son of 'Nobby' Woodley, a very good batsman who played for Laindon CC, but whose name has been missed on that page?

By W.H.Diment
On 01/02/2012

Sorry Ken but I have nothing more to add to the collection. I assume have the football team too.

By Eric Pasco
On 17/01/2012

Hi Eric; St Nicholas Church will be holding their bi-annual flower festival in September this year. The theme will be sport. I will be providing a display of sporting photographs inside of the church and I was wondering if you had any others that you would be happy for me to display. If so please let the webmaster know. 

I left Markhams Chase in 1955 and though we received some cricket coaching we never had a team.

By Ken Porter
On 16/01/2012

Thanks for that Bob, I have been trying to find out for years, I had sent the photo to several from that team and no one knew. Welcome to the team.

By Eric Pasco
On 13/11/2011

I happen to know who the little person is at the end of the row, it is me, I was younger than the other lads, I was picked to play in the team above my year, hence why I look a bit sheepish, stuck on the end. Most people would know me as Bob.

By Robert Young
On 12/11/2011