Markhams Chase Football Team 1959

By David Merchant

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David Merchant

Alan CoxDavid ReynoldsTony KruseMick MowerTerry JuddJohn Austin?Alan Reeves
Micky TylerBrian GowerTrevor GibsonJeff StaceyEric PascoDoug MerchantDavid Briggs
   Chris Biggs   

David can you check that I have attached the correct names to the team, if not please let me know by email to

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Gooday Jeff, I have heard from a couple of the guys over the years and yes I still live in Perth , Australia...been here over 40 years now.

I will get the webmaster to pass on my email address if you would like to get in touch.

Editor:  Eric's email address has been passed to Jeff as requested.

By Eric Pasco
On 21/03/2015

Hi Eric, my daughter searched Markhams Chase, which is good to get me back in contact with you! Yes, we lived in the bungalow "Jireh" next to Dr. Chowdray.

We played at LHR football,cricket and rugby. We moved to Basildon in the early 60s and I moved into London and then to the north of England in 1969.

Are you still in Perth or are you back in England? Do you know of any of the other lads? John Austin, Brian Gower etc? Hopefully we can have a chat/email at sometime. For now I wish you all the best.

Jeff Stacey

By Jeff Stacey
On 18/03/2015

Jeff Stacey now there is a blast from the past, also remember you at LHR until about 3rd year. I think you may have moved away then. I remember you lived on the High Road, near to the Radion cinema.  What happened to you?

Regards. Eric Pasco.

By Eric Pasco
On 18/03/2015

I'm the one holding the ball. 

By Jeff Stacey
On 18/03/2015

Just to clear the John Austin thing up, it is a different one to Jimmy Bird's mate. There were 2 in consecutive years. I knew both of them. Hope that settles it. Regards

By Eric Pasco
On 07/09/2013

Hi Nina, that would be the Christine; something perhaps I can work on. Thank you very much.

By Andrea
On 07/09/2013

Hi Andrea. There were a number of families in Laindon with the surname ‘Bird’. I’ve found two in Helmore Crescent on the 1949 Electoral Register. Barbara and Robert Bird lived in “Oak Lodge” and Alice and Albert Bird lived in “Marguerite”. Barbara and Robert had a daughter Christine who was born in 1943. I hope that helps.

By Nina Humphrey(née Burton)
On 06/09/2013

Thanks Nina and Richard; so no go there for me in tracing Christine Bird - they lived in Helmore Crescent about 1950.

By Andrea
On 02/09/2013

Hi Andrea, hope you are well. Your comment about Jimmy Bird had me searching the noticeboard on this site. Apparently his sisters were Shirley and Brenda according to what people posted on there. His mum was Rose who worked in Keith's shop opposite Nichol Road (previously Pelhams), my mum was often in there chatting with her. My mum is 87 now and still remembers Jimmy as a cheeky little boy. No Christine though - at the moment!

By Richard Haines
On 31/08/2013

Andrea. Jimmy Bird lived near me on the unmade part of King Edward Road in a bungalow called 'California'. He had two older sisters, Brenda, born around 1940 and Shirley born around 1936.

By Nina Humphrey(née Burton)
On 30/08/2013

Hi Richard, I read your comments about John Austin's friend Jimmy Bird. Wonder if you knew Jimmy well enough to know if he had a sister called Christine - she was an old playmate and have often wondered where she may be now.

By Andrea Ash (nee Pinnell)
On 30/08/2013

This is the John Austin that was in my year at Markhams chase, he is also in the 1959 cricket team photo, I am sure my brother Doug and Eric Pasco would also agree.

I am sure he had a younger brother called Howard who was in the same year as my wife.

By David Merchant
On 27/08/2013

Trev, I thought the same as you. Johnny Austin was in my class at LHR in 1958-1959, so could not have been in this photograph. His best friends from that time as I recall were Jimmy Bird, Dave Shoesmith and Mick Venables. Last time I saw him he was getting off a train at Laindon Station one Saturday evening after watching West Ham with Jimmy Bird. He was a great character.

By Richard Haines
On 26/08/2013

Sorry to be a killjoy again but that is not the late John Austin in the backrow as John was a year or 2 older than the lads shown and would at the time been at senior school.

By Trevor Reynolds
On 25/08/2013

Hi David McNally. Yes Doug and I were also aware that we were cousins? Have done some family history, and I believe that your mother and our mother were first cousins, so that makes us second cousins.

We share the same Great Grandparents John Jones born abt 1852 in Seddington Bedfordshire and Louisa Haley born abt 1855 in Beeston Bedfordshire. 1911 census shows them living in West Ham.

By David Merchant
On 15/10/2012

Hi. Although I was at Laindon Park I played against these boys and later with them at secondary and in youth teams. Doug Merchant I believe is my half cousin?

Geof Stacy was an all round sportsman playing football, rugby and most likely cricket too. 

I recently made contact Eric Pascoe in Perth Australia, although I remember them all. 

Tony Kruse brings a smile as we ventured into the world of independence at 15, going off to his parents caravan at Caister. I remember goggled eyes fixed on a show staring Helen Shapiro, boy what a girl. Drop me a greeting to your young sister Tony. Hope we meet again guys

By David McNally
On 01/08/2012

Just found this pic on here! Brought back memories, as Chris Biggs was my next door neighbour.

By Peter Long
On 23/06/2011
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