Memory Day 26th November 2016.

By Nina Humphrey(née Burton)

The last Memory Day of 2016 took place this morning with 19 people in attendance.  It was nice to see so many regular visitors and Brian Perfect, formerly of Basildon Road, on his first visit.  Friendly chatter helped along by tea and biscuits, soon passed a very enjoyable two hours. The meeting ending almost on time with everybody looking forward to the next Memory Day on 28th January.

A big thank you to the staff of Laindon Library for accommodating our meetings throughout the year.

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Colin Humphrey

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Kim Bergh, how fascinating for you to rediscover your great grandparents bungalow in Nicholl Road, Fitzalan Lodge. I can well remember that cluster of bungalows, all mainly beyond Claremont Road going towards Tavistock Road. I must have walked past Fitzalan Lodge many times between 1957 and 1963, when we lived at 1, Nicholl Road which also is still there of course, being a relatively new house compared with your bungalow. During the hot summer of 1959 my friends and I used to scour the hedges outside Fitzalan Lodge and the other bungalows, for lizards which used to bask in the sunshine. It was a beautiful time and place to live. I may well have seen and talked to your relatives but being only 10 years old when we moved there, have lost all memories of who the neighbours were in those bungalows.

By Richard Haines
On 01/12/2016

Hi.  I would love to join your group.  I have just discovered that I have ancestors that lived in Laindon. I'm doing research on my family tree. I have documented evidence that my great grandfather lived in a bungalow in Nicholl Road, to be precise 29 Fitzalan Lodge. I have been to Nicholl Road to see if the bungalow is still there... it is and still named Fitzalan Lodge.

My ancestors must have named this bungalow after their address in south London, Lambeth Walk area because they lived in Fitzalan Street. My great grandparents are named Henry James and May Mary Cooper nee Davies. I know my grandad lived there with them he was Henry James junior/younger.

I'm pretty sure they had some sort of connection with horses.  This address was being used from at least the 30s round to at least 1946.  If anyone recollects the Coopers, I would love hear.

Editor:  The Electoral Register shows May and Henry Cooper were living in Fitzalan Lodge, Nicholl Road in 1929.

By Kim Bergh
On 30/11/2016

Brian Perfect, now there's a name I had forgotten since leaving school. Sorry Brian, don't know if I've seen you on the 1958 school photo either. I'll have another look.

By Donald Joy
On 26/11/2016
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