Memory Days at Laindon Library 2017

By Nina Humphrey(née Burton)

Memory Days at Laindon Library are as popular now as when they first started six years ago.  A corner of the library is specially reserved for the Laindon Archive to hold its monthly get togethers.  A selection of old photos are put on display, tables are arranged with an array of memorabilia, postcards, leaflets and maps.  These gatherings are always lively and enjoyable owing to the enthusiasm of the Archive Team and the regular attendees, plus occasional and first time visitors (25 people last Saturday).   

Why not come along and join in?  You will be made very welcome and might even meet a classmate from your school days or an old friend or neighbour.  We would love to hear any stories you may have to tell about Laindon and any old photographs that are brought along are always appreciated.

Next  meeting is 30th September from 10am until noon.  Hope to see you there.

Photo:Memory Day at Laindon Library 26th August 2017.

Memory Day at Laindon Library 26th August 2017.

Colin Humphrey

This page was added by Nina Humphrey(née Burton) on 28/08/2017.
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Hi Donald.  You are a brave man, but I agree, but you do not have to keep reminding us...Old people can be fun. Ken

By Ken Porter
On 30/08/2017

Yes, I also noticed that Donald. Too bad!

By Alan Davies
On 29/08/2017

I have in the past attended a couple of these meetings and I have to say I found them to be really interesting. My health deters me from making the journey albeit that it's only an hour's drive. What does put me off though is that it's full of OLD people ! 

Keep up the good work. 

By Donald Joy
On 29/08/2017