My Ancestor

By Christine Reid

Hi I am looking at my past and as a past resident in Basildon 1961-75. I was pleased to discover reference to my great/great/great grandmother Harriet Green. She was shown in the 1841 census as living at Molgroves a house next to the rectory in "Laindon Hills" she was 12 years old and seemed to be part of a mixed bunch who were definitely not her family, but in agriculture. She had I believe from other sources 4 sisters and 4 brothers, and in 1845 married William Marchant. In the 1851 census she claimed to have been born in Horndon. Her parents were James and Mary Green (Bellis) I'm told.

I am only asking in case someone has a clue to "Molgroves" as a house next to a rectory (church unknown) and what she might have been doing there, possibly in service. I have googled Molgroves but no luck.

Keep up the good work (if you can put me in touch with someone who could help that would be excellent. I live in Cyprus, so visiting the district is a special event for the future!!!

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Thank you for your help but I was hoping that Adelaide Keymer was living at the Firs in 1932 as that was the last known address I have for her before her marriage. My husband's great grandfather was James Keymer who lived at Frederick, Armada/Almada Avenue in 1931. James and his wife Alice Keymer moved to Lee Chapel from Millfields Road, Clapton after 1926 along with his granddaughter Adelaide Keymer. Adelaide's mother was my husband's grandmother but  apparently she was brought up by her grandparents. We do not know why James Keymer relocated to Lee Chapel except that he was a bricklayer and possibly bought a piece of land to build his own bungalow on the plotlands  I would be most grateful for your help in locating the Keymer family in Lee Chapel if that is possible. Thank you and what a great site very informative and enjoyable to read people's comments and memories about their lives in Laindon. 

By Janet Eden
On 20/04/2017

Does anyone know of a place called 'The Firs' in Elizabeth Drive, Lee Chapel and the names of the people that lived there in 1932.

Editor:  The 1929 Electoral Register shows Florence Emily Viscardine living in 'The Firs', Elizabeth Drive, Lee Chapel and the 1949 ER shows Mabel E and William Bills in residence.  I hope this is of some help.

By Janet Eden
On 20/04/2017

Hello June Collins. I notice you live in Norfolk, a large county, but do you live near me in Watton?  Perhaps we might communicate and chat about our old times.

By Thelma Oliver
On 02/06/2016

Hi, Having just found this site and reading the contents of this page, I moved to Basildon Drive, Laindon in 1945 and remember a Land Army girl living opposite us named Eileen Willings and a brother Graham.

I am now living in Norfolk, have good memories of St. Nicholas Church Hall and St. Peter's Hall at the Hiawatha Corner Laindon.  Would be pleased to hear from anyone else who does too!!

By June Collins (nèe Steele)
On 27/05/2016

Hi, just a chance to see if anyone remembers or knew of a lady called Ruby Francis Williams, I believe she was maybe Irish, long lost relation. It would be so nice to hear if anyone happen to know her.

By W.Willings
On 31/12/2013

Many thanks Nina, next step is the Horndon parish records on line, I think as her first child was born in Horndon, you have helped me along the way, I am most grateful

 Regards Christine

By Christine Reid
On 18/12/2013

Christine.   I’ve seen the entry on the 1941 Census showing Harriet Green.  I think the place where she was residing was called either “Little Malgraves Farm or Great Malgraves Farm, which was about a mile from Horndon, her birthplace.  The initials after her name, D.S. would indicates that she was a Domestic Servant.    The Rectory would have been that of St Mary’s Church in Old Church Road, Langdon Hills.  There is a short reference to “Malgraves Manor” on this website: see Alice Jackson’s article “A short History of Laindon”.   hope this helps.

By Nina Humphrey(née Burton)
On 18/12/2013