Bill Lewis - My e-mail address

By Bill Lewis

For those who want it, my e-mail address can be given out.

Would like to contact John Longstaff.  Thanks

Editor:  Your request has been noted.

This page was added by Bill Lewis on 01/12/2014.
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Bill, I don't think any reunion is going to happen, it's been 55 years since LHR, and from what I can gather, any past attempts at a full blown reunion have been a bit under attended, if the situation changes, I will certainly let you know ASAP, but New Zealand is quite a journey for a bit of a get together.

Regards Barry.

By Barry Fowles
On 04/06/2015

Hello Barry Fowles,

I have been living in New Zealand since 1973. Would love to attend a reunion if I had plenty of notice and if it was possible at the time.

It would be great to revisit old times and catch up with everyone.

Regards,  Bill Lewis

By Bill Lewis
On 25/05/2015

Hi all and I do hope I can be in touch with some of my long lost friends through this lovely page. I have put a couple of pictures on the site and do hope some of you have seen them.

If anyone would like to get in touch my email address can be given out through this site. Love reading all the things that get put on, keep up the good work.

Just in case you are wondering I lived at 2 Bushy Mead on the King Edward Estate, but now live in Australia near a few people that also lived in Laindon.  Kind regards to all, Jo.

Editor: Jo's email address will be supplied upon request.

By Jo Morris re Jose Bowen
On 20/05/2015

Hello Bill, nice to hear from you, well, since you asked, I live in Hullbridge, are you still in the area? I guess everyone from our year at LHR are now retired, it would be nice if there was a reunion at some time, but I would think not too many still live in the area.


By barry fowles
On 18/05/2015

Hi Barry,

I remember you well even after all these years. Where are you living these days? Hope you are keeping well.


By Bill Lewis
On 18/05/2015

Hi Bill, I don't suppose you remember me, but I was at LHR at the same time as you, as well as Alfie Gannon, Eddie Downs and many more.

By Barry Fowles
On 17/05/2015

Hi Alan.  Your memory is correct and Freddy is my older brother. He and Anne both live in Basildon and Agnes is in Laindon. Evelyn lives in Clacton and Eileen moved to Devon but sadly passed away 4 - 5 years ago.

If I am right your family moved to America some years ago. How is Michael? Been a long time that's for sure!

What a great web site isn't it?

I wish you well.

By Bill Lewis
On 11/12/2014

Hello Bill. As memory serves, you and your family lived in number 6 King Edward Terrace. We lived in number 2.

As I remember, Ann was the oldest in your family, probably seventeen or so when I knew her. Then came Eileen who was in my class at LHR. Then it becomes a little hazy. One or two additional girls (Agnes and Evelyn perhaps) then one or two boys of which one had to be you.

Of course I knew Eileen best. Please give her my regards. Does everyone in your family still live locally?

By alan davies
On 09/12/2014

Hi Nina,

You have the right person and I remember you as well. This is a great website and good to remember old times.

My regards to you and your family.

By Bill Lewis
On 04/12/2014

Hi Bill.  If you lived in King Edward Terrace, then you and I were in the same class at Markhams Chase School 1951 to 1957.  Best wishes to you and your family.

By Nina Humphrey(née Burton)
On 01/12/2014