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I forgot to add that my Grandmother, Jane Stewart, was buried at St Nicholas Church. Laindon.

I believe my Grandmother on my father's side is also buried there. Her name was Rosetta Radley.

By Alan Radley
On 25/05/2015

My Grandmother who died when her bungalow (Eastbury) in New Avenue was bombed, was:

Jane Elizabeth Dorothy Stewart.  aged 50.

She was a nurse at Billericay Hospital I believe.

She is casualty 3106771 on the CWG Database.

By Alan Radley
On 24/05/2015

Dear Alan.

We are researching civilian deaths, can you confirm the name of your  grandmother who was killed in Berry Lane on the 8th November 1943 (Jane E Stewart) and where was she buried.

Thank You.  Ken Porter

By Ken Porter
On 23/05/2015

Looking at the film advertised above the groups heads, I beleive it's called 'Three Girls About Town', which was released in October 1941. This could give some idea of when photo was taken.

By David Merchant
On 26/02/2012

The large man wearing shirt and tie in the second row from the front is Mr Toomey, owner of the local garage and head of the local ARP (Air Raid Precautions.) I was always told that it was as picture of the local wardens. The men wore the stripes they won in WW1

By Mary Cole née Norman
On 22/02/2012

Far left front row is my father Alexander Norman

By Mary Cole
On 12/01/2012

What an absolutetly wonderful photo, Alan my grandad was in the civil defence, do you know when this photo was taken? How sad about your grandmother, there is a few articles on this site about bombs in the war in Laindon, did your grandmother die in New Avenue?

By Gloria Sewell
On 13/12/2011