New Book 'Is anybody out there'

Photo:Front cover of the book

Front cover of the book

A Chap visited his local dentist and asked how much would it cost to pull a tooth out? One hundred and eighty pounds came the reply. That’s very expensive said the chap. Well the dentist replied. I need an assistant....and they don’t come cheap, the customer suggested he did it on his own, the dentist then explained that the chair they use cost a don't need a chair, do it standing up on your own without a chair, what about the anaesthetic the dentist said, that's expensive. You don't need anaesthetic, do it on your own standing up without anaesthetic , how much now? £20 said the dentist. That's more like it..I'll bring the wife round first thing in the morning!!'

Just one of Joe Goodman’s  many gags. Joe after years of promising has at last written his autobiography with the help of Jim Worsdale. For those of you who do not know, Joe came to fame as the ‘King of one Liners’ and he is a Dunton boy. This is what Jimmy Tarbuck has to say in his foreword to his book: -

Joe Goodman has had a most interesting walk on the road of life, from a very tough childhood to a tougher life of stand-up comedy. He has handled both admirably.

There are certain comics you look for who won’t let you down– and Joe is top of that list. He is very, very dependable, very clean and can be called on to raise laughs with all audiences.

He has talents away from comedy He is a very talented artist and painter (our house looks lovely)! As a golfer – well, as golfer he ranks alongside Eddie the Eagle, Kenny Lynch and Cilla Black! As a charity golfer he is terrific, reliable and always turns up.

He is also a most versatile man – versatile in that he has been Queen Rat twice! Most importantly, though, he is a nice man, a good comic and a mate.’

Joe doesn’t forget his Dunton and Laindon roots and throughout the book refers back to them. He very seldom misses the annual Dunton reunion and launched this Laindon site back March 2011.

If you would like a copy of the book (£10.00p) please contact us on

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Hi could anyone tell me where I can purchase this book please.

Editor's Note:  Ken's e-mail address has been forwarded to Tracy.

By Tracy Burry
On 15/12/2014

I finished reading Joe's book the other week, wow! What a spirited man he is, what a tough life and how he handled it with a brilliant attitude.  You truly deserve your success!  What a trooper.  Great read too.

By Lisa Horner
On 31/01/2014

Just finished reading Joe's book; its got everything, well done Joe.

By Andrea Ash (nee Pinnell)
On 27/12/2013

Well done Joe from another classmate hope it all goes well. You were always a great character. By Gwen Turnbull

By Gwen Turnbull
On 25/10/2013

Good Luck with the book Joe can't wait to read it. So glad you have had such an interesting and eventful life.

By Beryl May
On 23/10/2013

Well done Joe, can't wait to read it. Your old classmate Anne Burton.

By Anne Burton
On 22/10/2013

Good on yer Joey, from your old,old mates Ken and Peter Page in Australia

By Ken Page
On 22/10/2013