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By Ian Mott

New Message Board.

I have just created another Message Board that is dedicated to trying to locate old friends and colleagues who were or are members of our Community.
I have done this as I have noted that there have been a number of enquiries in the "Do you remember" message board that are family, person or group related or have moved from the original general enquiry into this.
I will shortly be going through the other sections to separate the two groups. I hope this will encourage more members both current and ex to contribute their memories.

Editors Request

I have before said that we are trying to tell the historic and ongoing social history of our community, but with only few exceptions the social history appears to have disappeared with the attempted dissolution of the Corporation for New Towns Quango by the Government.  The dissolution of the Quango failed but the interest in the continued social evolution of the community seems to have been more successful, judging by the silence of the younger members of the older families and from the new families.

Please prove me wrong

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