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By Ian Mott

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Before Parkinsons took over Greens Stores and the adjacent site (yard) in the High Road, Frank Harris ran a Motor Spares and Repairs business from the yard.

By George Le-Surf
On 13/06/2017

Memory says that next door to Greens Stores, along Durham Road, was the store which purchased rag and bone from the general public. Next to that (or maybe it was the same store) rabbits and hamsters could be purchased. This was probably gone by the 1960's but was certainly around during WW2.

By Alan Davies
On 03/04/2016

I used to work at Grant Best in Durham Road and feel sure that Greens Stores was still there around 1966. As the young apprentice, one of my jobs was to go to the shops in the morning. Getting things like a penny stale cake from Cottis Bakery, 5 Woodbines, a meat pie and small tin of beans from Greens Stores to be warmed on the radiators for lunch and ordering Eric Grant's dinner from the cafe on the opposite side of the road further down the high street. The Grants sold out a couple of years later when the father retired to Thetford in Norfolk and the son Eric went into car sales in Grays. I left soon after and ended up working in London.

By Paul Sargeant
On 02/04/2016

I used to work at Greens Stores which went on to become Parkinson's Garage at the corner of Durham Road.  I am 71 years old but can't remember when I worked there.  I can remember a female worker called Win.

By Ray Birnie
On 02/04/2016

My mum worked in Greens Stores and their other shop further north along the High Road on the opposite side from around 1959 until about 1967. (I can even remember the names of the Greens Stores Managers. Mr Chance was at the Durham Road store and Mr Thomas at the other one).  Parkinson’s transferred from their garage near Somerset Road, to the old Greens Stores shop on the corner of Durham Road in 1962.

By Nina Humphrey(née Burton)
On 14/08/2015

I remember going with my Aunty May (Lillian May Hatherall) dropping off her "accumulator" for charging in the Paramount radio Store, then across to Greens to get the shopping.

By Trevor Collison
On 25/08/2013

Pic No 50. Hi Andrea, lady crossing road by Green Stores looks very much like Peter Robertson's mum Peter thinks so as well, I lived next door to them on Primrose Hill

By Brian Cordell
On 30/03/2013

I remember Greens Store very well as my father had the paramount radio store directly opposite, and many times I have been into Greens Store with mum, and remember loose biscuits, cheese and bacon cut as you waited. It seemed so big in those days, but seeing the place now it seems so small. Wonderful memories from a wonderful time.

By Brian Slaughter
On 05/05/2012

Photo number 50 - lady walking along outside Greens Stores - I recognise her but can't recall her name. Anyone know her? Incidentally my husband Chris worked in Greens Stores in 1955. My mum worked in there as a cleaner and she came home telling me about the nice young man who had started working in there - four years later we started dating.

By Andrea Ash (née Pinnell)
On 16/11/2011

I remember Greens Stores from prewar days as the manager was George Wellington who played for Laindon Polo Club also there was an assistant named Kitty White. I wonder if the Kitty Beasley named by John B. was the maried name of Kitty White as an address is given for Church Rd., and Kitty did have a sister Connie Bolton living there.

By William Diment
On 05/10/2011

On the 19th of March 1941 the Manageress of Green’s Stores was fined £3 at Billericay Police Court for failing to blackout a light in the shop, a wartime condition. Police Constable Milner told the magistrate that when he was passing Toomey’s garage in the High Road he could see the light from 150 yards away on the Durham Road corner. He had been compelled to break into the shop to turn the light off. Mrs. Kitty Beasley of Church Road, Laindon, the shop’s manageress admitted responsibility. The offence had happened on a Wednesday when the shop closed at 1.0pm, it being “early closing day”. As she normally did’ she turned off all the electric lights by shutting down the main switch but had forgotten that the light that illuminated the window display was powered by gas and was left on during the day. It was this light that had broken the strict blackout rules. This is the shop taken over by Cliff Parkinson, the last of his family to remain in business in Laindon High Road in its connections with the motor trade. The shop now bears a plaque proclaiming it to be “Parkinson’s Corner” although, in reality, the Parkinson base was further north on the corner of Somerset Road (and at the New Fortune of War) and remained there for far longer than it was ever at Durham Road. On 21st May 1941, Cliff’s brother, Bert Parkinson, was summoned at the Billericay Police Court for assaulting a boy named Norman Hall but, because the court believed Bert’s story that the boy was one of two who he caught trying to steal a new bicycle from outside the High Street garage by substituting an older machine they brought with them for the purpose, the case was dismissed. Bert agreed he had struck the boy by slapping his face but only because he had been sworn at for telling them to “clear off”. Parkinson’s garage was one of several places within walking distance of Laindon Station at which bicycles were regularly stored by train passengers who had used the machines to reach the High Road along the districts un-made roads.

By John Bathurst
On 17/05/2011

The main shop where Mum got the groceries for the week and on the corner of Durham Road. I can still visualise the layout of the shop inside.

By Brian Baylis
On 16/04/2011
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