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Going through an old photograph album at the weekend, I found a photo taken of a removal van I believe in Vowler Road, Langdon Hills, with a group of children in what I recall carnival wear from the 1950's. My sister is one of them and one face I do recognise, is that of Eric Cowell. It has copyright stamped on the back.

By Brian Baylis
On 09/03/2015

I will find my postcards asap, check for copyright and scan them if okay, before I E-mail them across.

By Brian Baylis
On 01/01/2012

G'day Bruce, so you did a stint for old Sid as well! I was there in 1960, from memory [a bit rusty] the gas engine drove the guillotine; a very large flat bed machine that old Jim used to hand feed the paper into and another old rotary machine a bit further in towards the office. I used to operate an ancient "baby Mann" a single sheet fed machine with leather cover rollers I had to stand on a box to work it and keep check on the printing progress. After a while they put me onto a Rotaprint small offset at the rear of the factory next to an A.B.Dick machine I didn't last there very long, probably 6/9 months, I became a telegram boy over at Barstaple P.O. in Vange.  We never got the BSA Bantams in those days, had to ride all over the district on the old heavy postal bikes, any telegrams I got that I thought was too far to ride I used to sneak out on my own BSA 500, I was using my own petrol but then all I wanted to do was ride my motor bike as often as possible, I hate to think what would have happened if I had had an accident, would have been hell to pay I reckon. Life was so much simpler then, out of one job, into the next not a care in the world. It was great to be young in the 60s, what an era, what a place we lived in! Regards and best wishes to all that read and contribute to this site, its great!

By Ken Page
On 03/09/2011

Ken, I also worked at the printers in Durham Road for a few months, in the VERY cold weather we all had to pull on the belts to get the old gas engine started (how's that for health and safety). As far as I can remember when I was there the overhead shaft was only used to power the ancient guillotine, all the rest of the machines being a bit more modern. The early starts, the slightly mad boss and working in a freezer, not my scene so I got a job in a city shipping office. Still wondering what I am going to do when I grow up.

By Bruce Bellamy
On 08/08/2011

Gday you blokes, love this site and the glorious old photos of days gone by. I wonder, would anyone by chance have any photos of Grant Best printers and Smith Greenfields printers in Durham Rd in the 50s. I started work in 59 at GBs then moved on to Smiths in 1960, never took any photos of them and should have. Smith Greenfields was a really old litho printers, had a shed out the back [that I burnt down by accident one day] with all the old stone litho tablets stored in it. A lot of the machines were run by an overhead system of leather belts that were driven by an ancient single cylinder gas engine that a bloke called old Jim used to start every morning. Jim used to live behind Tollworthy's butchers, my mum Mary worked there for years then when John Tollworthy sold out she went to Harrington's in the High Rd near Vowler Rd, she was there until they came out to OZ to be with self and my brother Peter in 1969, thanks guys. Keep up the good work. PS, I'm coming over ther next April, will look you blokes up for sure, Ken

By Ken Page
On 26/07/2011

Gday you blokes, love the photos so many memories there. Any chance of putting the six pics you have that move at the top of the home page. My mum worked for years at John Tollworthys butchers, it's in those pics and I would like to load it into my computer to add to my own history for my aussie family, cheers Ken.

I will add them with pleasure

By Ken Page
On 16/05/2011

It would be wonderful if you guys could fit them altogether in the order they were in the Street. I can remember most of them but not where they were. Its been a long time, regards from Australia.

We are currently working on that

By Ken Page
On 14/05/2011

Hi, When I looked at these photos I looked with a very heavy heart, knowing they no longer exist and that I have walked passed most of them and been inside them too. They were the good old days. Jeff Footer

By Jeff Footer
On 04/04/2011

I bought the very last postcards of Laindon on sale in the newsagents, that were next to Green's Stores, on the corner of Durham Road, and still have them to this day, as well as many other photos I've taken.

It would be nice to see these and subject to copyright publish them on the site.

By Brian Baylis
On 03/04/2011