Photos - Regal Club Outing and Markham's Chase

By Nina Humphrey(née Burton)

The following two photos were submitted by Brenda Brooks (Gray):-

This was a Regal Club outing to the seaside. Does anyone know where this was taken?  My sister Christine is in a bikini in the middle with Mrs Wiskin on her left and next to her is Mrs Dibley.

Photo:Regal Club Outing

Regal Club Outing

Brenda Brooks (Gray)

This photo of my eldest brother Donald Gray looking rather smart, was taken in Markham's Chase.  It is the only photograph I have of this area.  I would love to see some more photographs of Markham's Chase.

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Photos - Regal Club Outing and Markham's Chase' page

Brenda Brooks (Gray)

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The Regal Club photo I have not seen before but thought I recognised the 5th girl along from the left with bow in her hair as my cousin, so contacted her with photo and she confirmed that it was her. She is Jill Pickering, she thinks she was about 5 years old in the photo, so would date it the summer of 1951.

She has her arm entwined with the next woman along and we believe it is a good possibility that it is our grandmother Maggie Selina Pickering who was involved in running the Regal Club until her death in June 1952. This I have mentioned before on the site.

The next lady along to Maggie's left is Jill's mum, she is Dorothy Elizabeth Pickering (nee Shields) known to me and my brothers as Aunt Bett.  The lady behind Jill we think is my mum Margaret Louise Merchant (nee Pickering, daughter of Maggie.)

By David Merchant
On 18/01/2017
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