Staff and Pupils of Laindon High Road School

The 1958 photograph

By Ian Mott

Who are they and where are they now?

1 Michael Marshall ?2 Richard Green3 Alan Reynolds4 William Cole5 Michael Maloney
6 Graham Sharp7 John Hopkins8 George Shrimpton9 Barry Wheal10 Rodger Davidson
11 Alan Wardridge12 Geoff Grey (a?)13 14 Roger Wicking15 Derek Brazier
16 David MacDonald17 Ivan Gibson18 Bill Jagger19 Roy Sergeant20 David Marshall ?
21 Colin Holley22 William Doney23 Brian Perfect24 25 Raymond Birnie ?
26 ? Seager?27 Brian Phelps28 Bill Anderson29 John Stewart30 John Hickford ?
31 Jeffery Petty32 Keith List33 Ken Maynard34 Ian Coomber ?35 M Collison ?
36 Peter Valentine37 William Goldsmith38 Mike Pratt39 40 Tony Hurley

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Staff and Pupils of Laindon High Road School' page

41 42 Bobby Baldwin43 Philip Walters?44 Brian Forbes45 Mr Woodward
46 Mr Cluff47 Mr Richardson/The Caretaker, George Smith?48 Alan Bear49 John Gilchrist50 Mr Hughes
51 Barry Pinnell52 Clive Thomas53 Glen Cunningham54 Tony Wood55 Eddie Marshall
56 Jim Quinton57 Alan Millstead?58 Victor Edmonds59 Richard Schmeig60 Frank Gunner
61 Eddie Vickers62 Tony Breedon63 Johnny Matthews64 Geoff Heather65
66 Albert Piper67 Mickey Yates68 69 Ralph Riggs70 George Spooner
71 Dave Basham72 John Kingsley73 Raymond Newton?  

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The classes were very large in the 50s how did the teachers manage on their own.

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I think 47 is George Smith Caretaker. (his son married my sister) If correct I have other small details about him.

By George Le-Surf
On 04/09/2017

One more name that arrived out of the blue, Kelvin Hughes. Am I right or did I just make that up?

By Donald Joy
On 20/03/2016

Yes it's me, back again! Was there a teacher at LHR named Mr Anstis? Anybody know, or have I just had an over 60s moment?

By Donald Joy
On 03/01/2016

Anybody want to work with me? If you know a face that you can't put a name to, I have a name that I can't put a face to. Out of the mush that is my brain comes the name John Langton, ring any bells? 

By Donald Joy
On 02/01/2016

No. 11 is Alan Wardridge.

By Alan.taylor
On 29/11/2015

No. 58 is Victor Edmonds. He is my brother.

By Renee James
On 08/03/2015

No. 59 - Richard Schmeig.

By Nina Humphrey(née Burton)
On 02/02/2014

No. 44 - Brian Forbes.

By Nina Humphrey(née Burton)
On 01/02/2014

No.43  Could that be Philip Walters?

By Bob Baldwin
On 01/02/2014

Page 8, photo no. 9, Barry Weal lived for a time at Dunton mobile home park, last known whereabouts was thought to be living in Hornchurch.

By Robert Springate
On 10/10/2013

I think no 9 is Barry Wheel, 40 is Tony Hurley, 42 is Bobby Baldwin. No 41 lived in Lee Chapel Lane, Langdon Hills, but I cannot remember his name. Perhaps someone else can help me out!

By Lesley Gibson née Cousins
On 26/09/2013

Hi, 31 is Jeffery Petty.

By Janet Petty nee Markin
On 03/05/2013

Message for David Macdonald. Just seen your comment, would love to get in touch, often talk about you & wonder where you are now.

By Eddie Marshall
On 04/04/2013

No. 6 definitely Graham Sharpe

By Alan Taylor
On 18/02/2013

No. 60 is Frank Gunner, No. 6 is Graham Sharp, No 1 is not Terry Venner.

Editor: I need to check that this comment is in the correct place or if there is something missing. 

By Alan Taylor
On 06/02/2013

Number 26 - could his surname be Seager?

By Andrea Ash (nee Pinnell)
On 11/10/2012

30 looks like JOHN HICKFORD. We used to play bombers at my 'Peacehaven' home at Pembroke ave; behind Markhams Chase sch.

By Roger
On 11/10/2012

No. 19 Roy Sergeant

52 is Phils brother Clive. 

Message for Eddie Marshall. Remember our adventures together. Love to hear from you.

By David Macdonald
On 14/07/2012

no.10 Roger Davidson, no. 2  Richard Green

By Carol Brennan née Hudson
On 06/07/2012

No. 37 is William Goldsmith (Bill) Served apprentiship at Bonnallack with me Always late for work Great school days Great friends some good musicians I live in Benfleet Essex would like to hear from some blasts from the past Age catches up, false teeth, no hair ha ha. The schools gone but they can't demolish our memories.

By Colin Holley
On 14/06/2012

Number 21 is my dad called Colin Holley still playing in bands

By Tonia Holley
On 12/06/2012

No. 52 His surname was Thomas but I can't remember first name. His brother was Phil.

By Sandra Harris (Nee Cullis)
On 19/03/2012

Maths was Mr.BEAR (48) His one track mind on maths enthused me to aspire to maths to my 1st CREDIT! got me 1st job as Turf Accountant.. (still do the Maths now)

By Roger Wicking
On 19/02/2012

15 is my mate Derek Brazier. 27 is Brian Phelps

By Roger Wicking
On 14/02/2012

14 is Roger Wicking.

By Roger Wicking
On 11/02/2012

Steve, think you're right with Ian Coomber - think on another page I may have put him as a Kenneth ? ?

By Andrea
On 01/02/2012

I think No 34 is Ian Coomber a very tall lad.

By Steve White
On 01/02/2012

no 28 is Billy Anderson

By Christine Hutchings (nee Oliver)
On 25/01/2012

Is No. 6 Micky? Bryant

By Eric Pasco
On 12/01/2012

66 is Albert Piper

By Ken Marchant
On 28/11/2011

No.29 John Stewart, No.54 Tony Woods.

By Shirley Thompson Was Talbot
On 27/11/2011

I think No 73 might be Raymond Newton.

By Thelma Young (nee Talbot)
On 26/11/2011

No 12. Geoff Grey (a?), now lives in Australia

By Ken Porter
On 21/11/2011

No. 61 Eddie Vickers

By Nina Burton
On 13/11/2011

No 73 described as John Adie but I think John Adie is on photo 11, no 59. I thought the 1958 photo was before my time, then realised it was my first year and have really enjoyed the reminiscing and piecing together my class, with teacher Mr Rees

By Keith Jackson
On 11/11/2011

No. 17. Ivan Gibson No. 18. Bill Jagger

By Nina Burton
On 09/11/2011

Just a small correction to point out, Eddie Marshall is number 55 and not number 61. Dad is now spending the evening reminiscing!

By Ian Marshall
On 07/11/2011

Derek Higgs is on page 13

By valerie Kingsley (Boatwright)
On 07/11/2011

Whoops! Must have had a senior moment! Number 35 is not Peter Collison but is M Collinson.

By Andrea
On 06/11/2011

No 3 is Alan Reynolds No 70 is George Spooner

By Valerie Kingsley (Boatwright)
On 05/11/2011

73 John Adie

By Richard Haines
On 05/11/2011

Whoops!  No.6 page 12, thats my brother Fred Sewell

By Gloria Sewell
On 04/11/2011

Gloria, no he's near Brian Cordell, at the back where you'd expect, further along.

By Richard Haines
On 04/11/2011

4 William Cole 5 Michael Maloney 54 Tony Wood 56 Jim Quinton 58 Victor ?

By Patsy Mott
On 04/11/2011

Richard could 52 be our Fred.

By Gloria Sewell
On 04/11/2011

Brenda - not sure - you could be right. So many faces, I'm going crossed eyed - but having fun trying to remember all the names. Very best wishes.

By Nina Humphrey (nne
On 04/11/2011

Nina ,could 56 be Jimmy Quinton ?S2T84

By Brenda Mason (Lewis)
On 04/11/2011

32 - Keith List

By Andrea
On 04/11/2011

No. 57. Alan Millstead?

By Nina Humphrey
On 04/11/2011

Is number 36 Peter Valentine?

By Andrea
On 03/11/2011

Number 32 = Keith List Number 33 = Ken Maynard Number 34 could have been a Kenneth (?) Number 35 could be Peter Collison (?) Number 47 = Mr Richardson

By Andrea
On 03/11/2011

No 5. Michael Sams (I think)

By Nina Humphrey (nee Burton)
On 03/11/2011

63 Johnny Matthews

By Richard Haines
On 03/11/2011

Yes 72 is John Kingsley (Ha) could no 27 be Derek Higgs?

By valerie Kingsley (Boatwright)
On 03/11/2011

67 Mickey Yates 71 Dave Basham 72 John Kingsley 64 Geoff Heather

By Richard Haines
On 03/11/2011

No. 15. Derek ?

By Nina Humphrey
On 03/11/2011

No. Not Terry Venner - sorry.

By Nina Humphrey
On 03/11/2011

57. Tony Weldon

By Nina Humphrey
On 03/11/2011

1. Terry Venner? 7. John Hopkins. 16. David MacDonald. 20. David Marshall? 22. William Doney. 23. Brian Perfect. 25. Raymond Birnie? 51. Barry Pinnell. 53. Glen Cunningham. 58. Richard Smieg. 61. Eddie Marshall? 62 Tony Breedon. 69. Ralph Riggs.

By Nina Humphrey
On 03/11/2011

Hy Ian, you are doing a great job of this, easier to see the numbers now as well. Re the size of the classes, I think there were 38-40 kids per class in the first, second and third years, by the fourth and fifth numbers had eased to around the thirty mark. Teachers of today wouldnt stand for it now, I guess most of the staff in the 50s and 60s were made of sterner stuff but they also had the power of discipline, something no one has these days, a few of us were a bit rebellious but none of us were violent like some of todays little darlings! God bless teachers I say, thanks to them I can read, write, spell and count my pension money and think logically, [I think?].

By ken page
On 03/11/2011

Evening Ian, 38 Mike Pratt, 8 George Shrimpton, 45 Mr Woodward, 46 Mr Cluff, 48 Alan Bear, 49 John Gilchrist, 50 Mr Hughes.

By ken page
On 02/11/2011