Stella Robinson

Lived in Langdon Hills

By Tricia Hook

Does anyone remember Stella Robinson?  She was born and lived in Langdon Hills in 1926 through to 1949 and has many memories of her time there.  We are currently writing a little book about her childhood and she remembers many of her childhood friends.  Especially Winnie and Dorothy Simpson, Beryl ?, Georgie ? and his little sister Elsie.   She is my mum, still hale and hearty, and I would love someone to post their memories of her.  Her father, Thomas Robinson, built and ran the little Dolls Hospital on the High Road.

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Thank you.

By Patricia hook
On 28/06/2015

Hi, you can search for articles by the author's name using the search tool at the top right of the web page. Cheers.

By Trevor Savage
On 22/06/2015

I have contributed 10 items about Langdon Hills, school times etc., also railways.  I assume you can find me on Laindon and District Archive.  I do not know how to advise you on finding them as at my age, I'm still not computer wise and use an IPad.  Name is Thelma Oliver now as after 46 years together, Cecil passed away. I remarried 10 years ago.  Would love to be in touch. Thelma.

Editor:  Thelma’s articles are in the article list under ‘Langdon Hills’.  If you type Thelma’s name into the search box at the top of this page and then press ‘Go’,  they should appear on the page.  

By Thelma Oliver
On 20/06/2015

Dear Thelma. Yes, mum Mum does remember you and Cecil.  

She remembers Cecil as being a kind and gentle person and immediately remembered being friends with you both and was so pleased that you responded to my note.   Where do you publish your articles about Langdon Hills as I would love to read them and give copies to Mum.   Regards. Tricia Hook.

By Patricia Hook
On 20/06/2015

Thank you so much. I will ask her tomorrow.

By Patricia Hook
On 15/06/2015

I hope I have the right person, a slim young lady, she may not remember me Thelma Waters 5.12.1930.  If I am correct she was very friendly with Cecil Savage 20.9.1927.  He lived at Dunromin opposite Langdon Hills School.  We all met at St Mary Hallon, a Saturday night social and dance run by Mr & Mrs Smart.  Cecil was in the R.A.F and I think she wrote to him while he was in Singapore for 2 years.  I was only 15 when we met and eventually married 1951.  I still have a relative living in that bungalow.  I have contributed many articles about Langdon Hills, also my son Trevor Savage, if you are interested in the old times.  We old timers have to keep going.  Regards.

By Thelma Oliver
On 07/06/2015
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