Old Photographs of Laindon

Collection of all the old Photographs that are not yet used in articles

By Ian Mott

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This page was added by Ian Mott on 28/03/2011.
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I remember Laindon Hall it was occupied by Mr Kellogh a surgeon who worked at Orsett hospital.

By Doree Griffiths
On 01/02/2015

Gloria's memory of the pond at Laindon Hall is correct. The pond was huge and readily accessible from the open areas at the back of the Laindon Park School playing field. As I recall the timber clad Laindon Hall was painted a creamy-yellow colour and had a red roof as someone has shaded on the old photo above. The pond would have been to the photographers right.

As the photo shows, the Hall was overgrown with ivy and I can't ever remember anyone coming out to tell us off if we were looking for newts or grass snakes both of which swam in the pond. Certainly it was a regular visiting place for us Laindon Park School children on the way home on summer afternoons in 1958.

I also remember the Laindon Hall being a quiet place when we passed by as a class in 1957-58 on our way to country dancing lessons in the church hall. Innocent and happy times.

By Richard Haines
On 26/01/2014

Irish club sadly gone ..... Mrs Whitley was my teacher at Janet Duke lovely lady.

By Gary Oliver
On 24/01/2014

The Laindon Hall burnt down in April 1964. I passed by the hall with a friend each day as we walked to work and back. It happened around the 17th and it was there when we went home from work, but the next morning, we were shocked to see it had burnt down overnight and was just a charred mess.

By Nina Humphrey(née Burton)
On 15/11/2012

Gloria, I remember Gloria Negus too - we used to call her Gussy - mad, funny girl. But when I knew her, she lived in a bungalow in Pound Lane near to Dickens Drive.

By Andrea
On 04/09/2011

I have recalled the name of my pen pal it was Gloria Negus we started to write to each other after a trip to the Houses of Parliament for local schools. I wonder if any one remembers this. My mother bought me a white dress with red flowers on the lapels you never got much new then especialy if you had 2 aunts a little older than you, my dress came from John Bludells the less well off families will cirtainly remember them they were the local tally Co. Still I didn't care I had a brand new dress and when I was picked out by one of the MPs to pretend I was the queen for a demonstration I was over the moon. I have never forgotten that moment I was so proud bye for now Gloria

By Gloria Sewell
On 23/05/2011

The old Laindon Hall I recall a family living there with quite a number of daughters perhaps someone can remember their name? I do know that it burnt down but I can't say when it was, I know it was after the war. There was a pond in the garden where we would catch newts, a big no no today. Donaldson's School was just down the road from the hall. I went to Markham's Chase School and one of our teachers I think it was miss Whitley arranged it so we had pen pals and we used to exchange letters, does any one recall this? My pen pal was also named Gloria but I can't recall her surname which is a pity. The Irish Club was just past the school, is this still there? I know the school is as my own children went there just before I moved to Suffolk in 1985.

By Gloria Sewell
On 15/05/2011
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