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It may be a stab in the dark but being new to this site i am finding things out. On the 25th March 2014 Louise Martin stated her grandparents lived in Berry Lane I would love to know who they were because I thought we were the only Martin's in Berry Lane mind you there is no time given when they were there, my Mum and Dad were there from 1950 until 1978 and my grandparents before that and in the plot lands.

Peter J Martin 

By Peter J Martin
On 04/08/2016

I have only just come across this site and these pictures. I lived in Victoria Avenue from 1939 - 1962.

Access to Victoria Avenue was alongside the Off Licence shown in one of the pictures (was that Milton Road?). Not shown was the hairdressers and radio shop opposite. Used to get the accumulator charged for the radio there.

Went to Langdon Hills School I think 1944 to 1951 before going to Palmers Grammar School. Thanks for the photo memories.

By Gerald Jones
On 01/03/2015

My grandparents lived in Berry Lane, their surname was Martin.

By Louise Martin
On 25/03/2014

I remember Rosie Koppit, she lived in a bungalow right near the school bus stop opposite the school, I used to think how good it would be to live there and not have to get the school bus into Laindon. We moved from Berry Lane to Laindon in 1965,but I still went to Langdon Hills School. I loved it, happy days.

By Angela Underdown( nee carter)
On 23/04/2013

I also remember being at school with Rosie Koppit, and you being in my class too, Pam. Long time no see!

By Jill Thwaites (Rand)
On 04/03/2013

I remember being at Langdon Hills Primary with Rosie Koppit. I think she used to live in a house on the corner of Alexander Road.

By Pam McAllister (Burr)
On 06/05/2012

I was in the same LHR class as Geoff Koppit, he was a quiet but friendly boy. Being Jewish he would attend the religious classes specially arranged by the school. His father had the tailors shop on the left going away from the station. His brother Sid was also at LHR, in the year below us. When I lived on the infamous Fryerns estate in 1970-71 Sid and his wife had a maisonette in Chichester Close near us. It was good to see a friendly face in those days and I was always glad to meet Sid now and again. A nice family.

By Richard Haines
On 04/03/2012

I was in the same class as Rachel Koppit - she is married and was living in Wickford Essex

By Jan Burton
On 03/03/2012

What a jog to the old memory, I remember being at school with Zelda Koppit, and also wonder what happened to them all. Having to walk to Langdon Hills School from Sandringham Road, took me past most of the places in these pictures, happy memories in the summertime but not so good in the winter !!

By Joan Baterip
On 14/08/2011

I think Koppetts (Koppitts?) the Taylors lived/had their shop up this way too? Their children attended our school - also believe that there were twins? Wonder what happened to that family.

By Andrea Ash (nee Pinnell)
On 13/08/2011
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