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Wonderful to be able to attend the reunion and meet old friends. Can't believe that I missed you Bruce, perhaps next time! My husband was amazed at the friendship shown to him by everyone present. He had rather expected to be "an outsider" but was made very welcome. Going back at the weekend to retrace old steps and take some photographs.

By Pat Smith nee Franklin
On 17/08/2011

My first time at this reunion and the first time that I have been back to 'The Haven' in close on 50 years I guess. Glad that the bungalow still stands but both sad and angry that it is 'just a museum' I'm sure that most who were there feel much the same. 

So nice to meet up with some I thought never to see again and very much hope to be back for the next one. My thanks to Audrey for making it all happen.

By Bruce Bellamy
On 14/08/2011