Staff and Pupils of Laindon High Road School

The 1958 photograph

Photograph by Andrea Ash (née Pinnell) article by Ian Mott

The first group to be identified.


12 Barbara Lee-Smith3 Sylvia Andrews4 Rose Cooper5 Pat Roper ? / Josie Beasley ?
6 Marion Green?7 Patsy Tyler8 Pauline Bardot9 Janet Hughes10
11 ?1213 Enid Waldon14 Marian Irish15 Dawn Gilchrist
16 Elaine Clace17 Stella Clace18 Maureen Willits19 Sandra Honey20 Wendy Yates

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Staff and Pupils of Laindon High Road School' page

21 Daphne Hanby22 Brenda Lewis23 Mavis Hay24 Jean Phillips25 Christine Rivers
26 Veronica Bridges?27 Linda Gilbert28 Pat Lester2930 Edna Crowe
31 Caroline Brown32 Vivienne Bragg33 Jackie Holt34 Jennifer Plumb35 Margaret Wells
36 Linda Francis37 Jean Haswell38 Rachel Koppit39 Marion Caulfield 

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This page was added by Ian Mott on 30/10/2011.
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No. 38 is probably Rachel Koppit as her sister Zelda is No 9 on page 2.

By Nina Humphrey(née Burton)
On 23/02/2017

On this photograph by the way, I was in touch on social media with Pat Roper who still says that she is Number 5, she remembers having her hair cut for a wedding that week. She also remembers standing towards the back of the group.

By Richard Haines
On 30/01/2017

Two more names that I cannot find listed throughout these photos, nor can I find the faces. Josephine (Josie) Lee, who I know for sure was at LHR as she was best mates with my cousin Cassie Turner. Linda Brazier, who I can't place at LHR, but I assumed after Laindon Park, she would have been there. Can anyone confirm?

By Donald Joy
On 04/11/2015

The identity of No 24 was supplied by Ann Spooner.

By Nina Humphrey(née Burton)
On 28/10/2014

I've been looking at the photos on the Markhams Chase recent posting. On there Josie Beasley has a clear unmistakable expression when having a photo taken. Although her hair is fuller on this picture and is not swept behind her ears as it was in her younger photos I think because of the way she is looking at the camera it is her after all at No 5. The pose is a bit like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth but she had a sharp attitude and was a lively character. However, Pat Roper also had this kind of hairstyle and I remember it was one of her attractive features. Both were very nice girls and I wish one of them would give us all the final confirmation on where they were on the photograph.

By Richard Haines
On 19/07/2014

No. 25 is Christine Rivers

By Deby Pennell
On 17/02/2014

At last, another one identified for real, I've been looking on here for Sandra Honey for nearly two years, she is well hidden behind Mavis. I'm glad Lesley has come on here to clear up all the unsolved ones, probably helpful that she marked her original photograph up at the time. Thanks as well for pinpointing Kathy Imber, my original placing for her was based on her being near Dawn Gilchrist on the photo. All we need now is Pat Roper to come back to finally get Josie sorted out.

By Richard Haines
On 09/09/2013

Sandra Honey is no 19

By Lesley Gibson nee Cousins
On 09/09/2013

I am afraid I do not remember the name of no 11, but it is not Cathy Imber, she is On page 5 no 8. Thanks Nina for agreeing with me on Josie Beasley No 5

By Lesley Gibson nee Cousins
On 07/09/2013

No. 5. I notice that Pat Roper only thinks this might be herself. I'm pretty sure it is Josie Beasley.

By Nina Humphrey(née Burton)
On 07/09/2013

No 35 is Margaret Wells and I think no 26 is Veronica Bridges.

By Lesley Gibson (Cousins)
On 03/09/2013

Could No.6 be Marion Green? It looks like her.

By Joan Baterip
On 03/06/2013

Number 38 is Greselda Koppit, who's father ran a taylors shop just over the railway bridge in High Road Langdon Hills.

By Barry Fowles
On 28/02/2013

Further to my comment at No. 20 - I think Wendy's surname was Yates.

By Linda French (née Stenson)
On 23/02/2013

No 36 is Linda Francis, she lived next door but one too me.

By Julie Rothwell
On 05/04/2012

Hi,no 9 is Janet Hughes.

By Julie Rothwell
On 30/03/2012

OK, if 38 is one of the Koppit family, is it Rachel or sister Zelda? does anyone know on this one please? Could be there was another sister, I am not sure.

By Richard Haines
On 04/03/2012

38 - could it be one of the Koppit girls?

By Andrea
On 24/01/2012

20. I used to be friends with this girl and cannot for the life of me remember her full name. I am sure it was Wendy. She lived on the corner of Elgar Close/Kathleen Ferrier Cres. I had moved to Elgar close from Devonshire Rd. Next door to her lived Alan Eames (Named elsewhere in the photos)

By Linda French (née Stenson)
On 24/01/2012

No 4 Rose Cooper. No 8 Pauline Bardot. No 9 is a twin to No 30 on photo 4 Catherine & Margaret ??

By Pam Quarman née Atkins
On 04/01/2012

11 Kathy Imber

By Richard Haines
On 14/12/2011

I'm No 31 Caroline Franklin (née Brown). I was there from Sept 58 until July 62.

By Caroline Franklin née Brown
On 04/12/2011

Hello Pat, I am like you, I can see the faces but the names take a while to come back. Or you remember some names but cant see the person on the photo! I was in Mr Rees's class for most of my time there, through to the fifth year. In my class were the boys - Malcolm Scott, Martin Brown, Martin Graves, Geoff Heather - girls Vanessa Crew, Mary Baker, Janet Smithers, Jacqui Sheppard, loads of others, they are all on here. I do remember you with that mascara though. And Anne Edwards with her heels.

By Richard Haines
On 27/11/2011

No 30 is Edna Crowe, No 36 Linda Francis? No39 Marion Caulfield.

By Thelma Young (nee Talbot)
On 26/11/2011

Hi Richard thanks for the comment :-) It's so frustrating looking at all these faces I remember all of them, but not there names. What class were you in and can you remember names? I have so many old pictures of my friends, but sadly none are at school.  I'm still living in Lee Chapel north would have loved to go back to Langdon Hills but it's not the same. I think the Council have ruined it. .

By Patsy Spendlove nee Roper
On 26/11/2011

15 Dawn Gilchrist

By Richard Haines
On 25/11/2011

Nice to see Pat Roper on this site, although we were not in the same class, we were in the same year through LHR. Sad to read of Pat's house being demolished after purchase by Basildon Development Corporation for no apparent reason. It was fortunate that when our family moved away in 1963 and also sold out to BDC our house No1 Nichol Road is still standing and has reverted to private ownership. Nice also to hear that Anne Edwards is ok (what a pretty pair of girls you were ):))

By Richard Haines
On 22/11/2011

No 39 is Marion ?

By Patsy Spendlove
On 21/11/2011

I think no 5 is me Pat Roper :-))

By Patsy Spendlove
On 21/11/2011

13 Enid Walden

By Keith Jackson
On 15/11/2011

No.3 is Sylvia Andrews.

By Brenda Mason (Lewis)
On 13/11/2011

No. 31. Caroline?

By Nina Burton
On 07/11/2011

No 14 is 100% Marian Irish, believe me, we were courting at the time of this photo. In fact she is my x wife.

Editor: Thanks Les I was becoming giddy.

By Les Buck
On 03/11/2011

14 looks like Marion English

By Richard Haines
On 03/11/2011

A little bit of confirmation about. No. 14. Marian Irish used to live in a plotland bungalow called 'Herandi' in Bourne Avenue before it was made up. (Very close to where I used to live). Her parents were Eileen and Frederick Irish. I have an electorial register from that time and checked on there for confirmation.

Editor: Thanks Nina

By Nina Humphrey
On 02/11/2011

No 14. I still claim her name is Marian Irish. She used to live in Bourne Avenue, very close to me.

By Nina Humphrey
On 02/11/2011

No.14 is definitely Marion English

By Valerie Kingsley
On 01/11/2011

Does everyone realise if you click on NEXT, it shows the next section. I cannot help a lot with names as not at LHR until 1959/60 but I already see many familiar names on page one. Great job Ian.

By Eric Pasco
On 01/11/2011

Fantastic, to late for me but I hope to see some younger friends on there and maybe my little brother Fred.

Editor: as soon as this is finished I will be working on the 1956 group.

By Gloria Sewell
On 31/10/2011

No 27 is Linda Gilbert No. 33 is Jackie Holt No. 34 is Jennifer Plumb No. 14 is ? English I do know 2 others but cannot remember their names for now. Robin might be 32

By Valerie Kingsley (Boatwright)
On 31/10/2011

Yes Ken I do have the major picture given to me by Richard Haynes many years ago as mine got very shabby. I have since partitioned it down and I do have a lot of names. Give me time and I shall let you have them.

By Valerie Kingsley (Boatwright0
On 31/10/2011

Another one. No. 2 is Barbara Lee-Smith

By Nina Humphrey (nee Burton)
On 31/10/2011

I wish my copy of the photo was as clear and in as good a condition. 7. Patsy Tyler. 14. Marian Irish. 16 and 17. Twins Elaine and Stella Clace. 18. Maureen Willits. 21. Daphne Hanby. 22. Brenda Lewis. 23. Mavis Hay. 28. Pat Lester. 32. Vivien Bragg.

By Nina Humphrey (Nee Burton)
On 31/10/2011

Oh! Andrea and Ian, well done, what a mamoth job that will be but it will be fabulous if it pays off. Come on guys and girls lets put some names to these photos, warm regards Ken.

By Ken Page
On 31/10/2011

What a fabulous idea, everyone numbered, it will take ages (I'm at the other end!) as a start number 37 is Jean Haswell. Come on you lot, who are the others?

By Richard Haines
On 30/10/2011