Laindon High Road School 1956

The 1956 photograph

2930 Janet Moulton31 Dorothea Muncey32 iliac Bardot
33 Yvonne Monday34 Audrey Firman?35 Christine Smith36 Anita Smith
373839 Rita Pedrick?40
4142 Shirley Newman43 Valerie Taylor44
45 Alfie Sutton464748 Victor Blackwell?
49 Keith List50 Alan Newton51 Raymond Arthey 

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Laindon High Road School 1956' page

1 Sylvia Smith2 Marilyn Jennings34 Maureen Gray
5 Gloria Hudson6 Babra Huxon7 Pam Willets8 Carol Wood?
910 Pauline Jellow?1112 Tommy Hopkins
13 Christine Haberfield14 Vanessa Winkworth1516
1718 ? Goodson19 Alan Parker20
21 John Tyler22 Derek Beatty23 Bobby Gibson24 Owen Jones
25 Alan Stevens262728 Betty Davies

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No. 25 on this page is Alan Stevens and I do believe No. 31 is my twin sister Dorothea Muncey.

By David Muncey
On 10/08/2015

Sorry Brenda but No. 2 is Marilyn JENNINGS.  Sadly Marilyn died about 5/6 years ago.  She and I had been friends since we were 5 years old.  Christine Habberfield (No. 13) died about 2/3 years ago.  Did you live in the big semi-detached house next to Mrs Mead in Markhams Chase Road?

By Georgina Nottage (nee Ellingford)
On 28/05/2015

No. 28 is Betty Davies.  No. 30. is Janet Moulton.

By Isabel Smiith
On 15/06/2014

I think number 10 is Pauline Jellow?

By Ken Page
On 29/03/2014

Number 12 is definitely my brother Tommy Hopkins, as both my brothers have agreed this. 

By Hazel Hunter
On 28/03/2014

Number 12 looks like my brother Tommy Hopkins if the photo was taken before the summer holidays as he would have been 15 in the August and leaving school that year

By hazel hunter
On 28/03/2014

No 3 Sylvia Smith no 2 Marilyn Jenkins no 45 Alfie Sutton

By Brenda Gray
On 06/03/2013

No. 14 Is Vanessa Winkworth

By Janet Rawley
On 12/05/2012

4 is Maureen Gray. (sweetheart)

By Roger Wicking
On 11/02/2012

No 34, I think is Audrey Firman, but not sure.

By Dave Coleman
On 10/02/2012

I remember Johnny Tyler he was my dads friend (Derek Chapman).

By Julie Wade
On 10/02/2012

No 23 is Bobby Gibson

By Dave Coleman
On 04/02/2012

Yes Jean, you are right, number 24, that is Owen Jones. And number 20, I think I have seen him on one of the football team photos on here.

By Andrea
On 24/01/2012

Im pretty sure that No. 24 is Owen Jones

By Jean Pattle
On 24/01/2012

The other Barwick sister was Jeanette who is on the 1958 photo and was in my class. She is not on this photo as too young.

By Richard Haines
On 06/01/2012

No 2 there were 2 Barwick sisters I do believe this could be the other one. Josie has been found, don't know for sure though.

By Gloria Sewell
On 06/01/2012

50 Alan Newton 51 Raymond Arthey

By Gloria Sewell
On 04/01/2012

On my addition to your site you have incorrectly put the wrong no to the picture of myself and not spelt Christine correctly. Although as you can see from the added comment you have it correct in both cases!

Editor: Sorry Anita, I have given myself a hundred lines 'I must do better snd check before publishing'.

By Anita smith
On 04/01/2012

No. 36 Anita Smith. No. 35 Christine Smith

By Anita Tibbles (née Smith)
On 04/01/2012

HY all, number 10, her face is so familiar, I think her first name was Pauline or maybe Pamela. I noticed her in the 58 photo as well, anyone any ideas?

By Ken Page
On 21/12/2011

24 Owen ? 32 Lilian Bardot 33 Yvonne Monday

By Albert Bedford
On 19/12/2011

Page 1 49 is Keith List

By Ann Rugg
On 17/12/2011

I asked if 31 was a Frances how about a Florence Waters - ring a bell with anyone?

By Andrea Ash (née Pinnell)
On 17/12/2011

Seen a question mark on Carol number 8 - Carol Wood sprung into my mind - what do you think?

Number 39 - is that the toothy smile of our Rita Pedrick? 

Number 31 - is she a Frances?

Numbers 48 and 49 might be the young Victor Blackwell and Keith List respectively?

By Andrea Ash (née Pinnell)
On 14/12/2011

43 Valerie Taylor

By Gloria Sewell
On 14/12/2011

no.7 Pam Willets

By Gloria Sewell
On 13/12/2011

No.21 John Tyler

By Eddie Lewis
On 13/12/2011

5 - Gloria Hudson 18 - ? Goodson 19 - Alan Parker 21 - John Tyler? 22 - Derek Beatty 42 - Shirley Newman

By Andrea
On 12/12/2011

No 13. Christine Habberfield

By Nina Humphrey(nee Burton)
On 11/12/2011