St John Ambulance - Laindon Branch

By Ken Porter

St John Ambulance – Laindon Branch

I have acquired a St John Ambulance 1938 medal, Laindon Branch.  I understand that medal was awarded to W.A.Duly who appears to have been part of the Nursing section. (17794 L/A/OFF W.A.Duly Laindon & Dis NSG Div. No1 Dis S.J.A.B. 1938)

Does anybody remember her/him or does anybody have any memories of the Laindon Branch and who they amalgamated with. I am aware that through photographs that St John Ambulance pre-war had a post near The New Fortune of War.

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I remember the "Roots" family, who lived opposite our shop in St. Nicholas Lane, being heavily involved with the St John's Ambulance in Laindon.  They went to Buckingham Palace to receive medals for the part they played in helping people at the time of the Canvey and Tilbury flooding disasters.  They were also our first "port of call" whenever we had a minor accident.  (My mum was prone to cutting herself on the bacon machine and my dad had an altercation with a cheese wire.)

One of the daughters was also a Girl Guide Leader at the Manor Mission Hall.

By Georgina Nottage (nee Ellingford)
On 19/09/2015

I was in the St John Ambulance in Laindon from 1956 till 1973 when it was part of the London Prince of Wales District. We had our meetings in an old house just up from the FOW until the good old Corporation destroyed Laindon.

By D R Shearcroft
On 07/08/2012

The Headquarters were still by the Fortune of War in the 1950s. To get badges in The Girls Life Brigade I attended both Home Nursing and First Aid courses. The most popular lecturer was, of course, Dr Chowdhary. I remember to this day his mantra for treatment BREATHING

By Mary Cole (nee Norman)
On 28/07/2012