Laindon Athletic Club

Goal shot of the 1952/53 Team at the Recreation Ground

By Sid Rose



Sid Rose

Sid RoseAndy FrenchBill QuintonRon HillSteve QuintonJohn MusgraveCoach
Harry Ginbey

Sid MorganTony Williams______Dennis BonhamBob Musgrove

Can you provide the missing names?

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The phoptograph brought back memories, as I have played football and cricket with some of those featured. It also reminded me that there was a prewar football Club which has never been mentioned in the archives, that of the Victoria Sports Club which regularly contested the Laindon Recorder cup. Sadly there is only one name I can remember, Dave Edwards, who I believe was related to Wilf Simpson who played cycle polo and Johnny Simpson who played for Westley (Westleigh) cricket club. Perhaps someone can remember more of the Victoria Spports Club.

By W.H.Diment
On 23/07/2012

Sorry but just a correction. Its Bob Musgrove 'ove'. It must have caused a few problems as my dad was John Musgrave 'ave'. Sadly he died 2 years ago but he would have loved to see his picture on here.

Editor: Thanks

By Marion Wonfor
On 23/07/2012

Just been looking at your photo. My mum says that that in front row is Bob Musgrove. Tom Musgrave in the back row is in fact his brother, my dad John Musgrave. My uncle Tom played for Laindon Football club not Laindon Athletic.

By Marion Wonfor
On 23/07/2012

I think the one you are looking for back row is Andy French my late mothers cousin any help.

By Thelma Young (nee Talbot)
On 27/11/2011

Isn't this the recreation field in Langdon Hills?

By Brian Baylis
On 20/11/2011