More Little Athletes from the old days

By Jo Morris

Photo:Markhams Chase School Sports

Markhams Chase School Sports

Joe Morris


 1 Miss Ina Pike 2 _______? 3 Mr M Jones 4 Miss Duke

Back Row from left

 5 B Freemantle 6 J Hodgson 7 A Bartley 8 G Miller 9 J Steer
10 T Venner11 G Tarrant12 J Good 13 M North

Middle Row from left

14 D Willats15 J Smith 16 P Galloway17 M Attwood18 S Newman
19 J Bowen20 J Bridle21 C Hircock22 E Bridle

Front Row from left

23 F Tancock24 P Randison25 D Higgs26 R Cutler27 M Hindley
28 C Reynolds

Just a picture of some of us from the old days, as they say, hope some of you can remember some of the people in this picture.

I do have great memories from those days, and wish I had kept up with the running etc. but of course too late now!!!

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Yes that is Shirley Newman next to me and that certainly is Jean Steers (Moss now) not sure about Shirley though as I haven't heard how or were she is, Jean lives in Southend on Sea and we are in touch quiet a bit. anyone else can get my web address from the site.

By Jo Morris (née Bowen)
On 22/02/2013

Gladys Quinton would have been 12 and anyway went to Langdons Hills Junior and Laindon High Road Senior schools.

By Jim Quinton
On 15/08/2012

Hi Jose; brilliant photo - would that be Jean Steer back row in the middle? Looks like Shirley Newman sittting next to you. And would the little blonde be Gladys Quinton?? (not too sure on that one).

By Andrea
On 10/08/2012