28 September 2012 - Laindon Library Memory Day

Friendships revived

By Patsy Mott (née Tyler)

Alan and Rosemary Shead, who both attended Laindon High Road School, came down from Cumbria to attend our memory day and enjoyed themselves meeting up with old school friends who had come to see them, mostly they had not seen each other for a considerable number of years. It was a busy and delightful time for us all.

Penny, Alan’s sister who had come to the library with him was remembering people she new when unexpectedly one of these pals arrived to return some books, I surprised both of them when I introduced them again, an unexpected but successful reunion allowing them the opportunity to exchange telephone numbers.

Ann and John Rugg, Sue and Andrea came to support the memory day so our corner of the library was quite busy.

Roger Wicking a contributor to the site travelled down from East Anglia to bring some documents for Ian to copy. He is very enthusiastic about our site and is going to arrange to bring us some photographs from his mother who still lives locally. He is also an ex Laindon High Road School pupil so he too joined in discussions with the rest of our visitors.

Photo:Alan Shead, Peter Jackson, Rosemary Shead née Rawlinson, Norman Styles, Patsy Mott née Tyler

Alan Shead, Peter Jackson, Rosemary Shead née Rawlinson, Norman Styles, Patsy Mott née Tyler

Ian Mott

A group of us met at the Crown Hotel after our meeting for a drink and catchup chat, we hope we were not too noisy and exuberant.

Although we did not sell any merchandise we were able to give John quite a large amount of donations from our August memory day. 

There seems to be a consensus from our visitors over several events that they would like more Saturday memory days, perhaps we could give this some consideration for next year.

The archive seems to be doing its job in getting the community together again.

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Hi Joan, To answer your questions above Eddie is Norman's younger brother, saw Norman this morning at our memory day to confirm the information and he told me that Edmund lives in Guiseley, Yorks. 

Penny Shead is Alan's younger sister. Hope this is helpful.

By Patsy Mott
On 26/10/2012

Hi is Norman Styles the elder brother of Eddie Styles who was in my class at LHR. Also are the Shead family anything to do with Penny Shead whom I knew from LH

By Joan Merchant
On 25/10/2012
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