My Life in Laindon

By Alex (Teddy) Maitland

I was born in Ruby Villa, Darnley Ave, Laindon on 6th of april 1947. I went to Langdon Hills primary 52/57 then on to Laindon Secondary Modern till 61 and I know lots of people in the school photo. My parents lived in Roseberry Ave then Holst Ave

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Teddy Maitland: Now there's a name that got lost to me over past decades. I used to think his name was Edward and was shortened to Teddy, never imagined it was Alex. Richard says you may have been in Mr Rosen's class Upper 1B but I can't be sure. Maybe you could confirm this or at least correct our aged memories!

By Donald Joy
On 27/06/2017

I've just realised that Teddy Maitland was, I think in my class at Laindon High Road School, if only the first year 1958-9. Other than that no particular memories of Teddy, if you were in Mr Rosen's class then I do recall you, if not you were certainly in my year. Happy Days.

By Richard Haines
On 26/06/2017

I remember two brothers by the name of Maitland. The younest being Charlie whom I believe was employed by one of the Keelings in their threshing business. Would they have been any relatives of Alex(Teddy)?

By W.H.Diment
On 01/03/2013

Annette, was the headmaster whose name you've forgotten, Mr Wiggins?

By Jill Thwaites
On 01/03/2013

Today, 14th October 2012, is Cliff Richard's 72nd birthday. Happy birthday Cliff from all your fans in Laindon, including me.

By Nina Humphrey(née Burton)
On 14/10/2012

Hi I went to Langdon Hills C P School 1957 1963 and I remember the name Micky Maitland, Annette Ryan, Vanda Ward, Denise Clarke, Mrs Willkinson, Miss O Brian and a lovley Headmaster who's name I can't recall. 

The girls played in the front playground and up the far end were steps to a door we didn't use but they made a good stage for us to sing Cliff Richard's song Living Doll!

By Annette Terry
On 14/10/2012