Footballers of the community

By Ian Mott

Nina Humphrey's (née Burton) article on Beatrice Road and surrounding area and the names of residents triggered the memory of Janet Harper who informed us that she thought Joe Ling the Caretaker at Langdon Hills Primary School had a son Joe Ling who was a very good footballer. The sporting members of the community added to this as follows:

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Joe Ling played in the Brentwood Town team that won the Metropolitan League Challenge Cup in 1967. He was still playing for Brentwood Town following its successful application to join the Southern League First Division for the 1967/68 season.

By D J Eastham
On 27/09/2016

The Joe Ling that I knew joined the newly formed Brentwood Town FC in the summer of 1965 at the age of 27 years. Brentwood played in the Metropolitan League. Joe was centre half. He was living in Chelmsford. He had played as an amateur for West Ham, as a professional for Romford and had two years with Chelmsford City. There is a picture of Joe in the Brentwood Town FC 1965 Handbook.

By D J Eastham
On 26/09/2016

The number 7 shirt was usually worn by the right winger. I do remember watching a Buck (I knew him him as George but that may not be correct) who played right wing for Laindon on the ground behind the hotel. The late 40's and early 50's would be about the right time.

By alan davies
On 24/07/2015

My dad used to play football for Laindon in the late 40's/early 50's with the No. 7 shirt (I believe rw)? Although he used to dodge the photos, he played for some time. His name was Charlie Buck, not George, as someone else commented. His brother George played cricket for Laindon for many years too.

By Christine Maloney (nee Buck)
On 24/07/2015

The recent submission by Ken Porter in respect of the Laindon greyhound racing which took place on the Victoria Sports Club home ground in Tavistock Road caused me to consider that there appears to be no comment upon this club in the archives. The Victoria Sports played in the Southend and District League and I give some of the names of the players in the hope that it will stir some memories from surviving family members or friends. F.Barter - J.Gondale - A.Alderton - J.Durrell - F.Fordham - M.Leavey - J.Coe - J.Ashdown - W.Brooks and S.Chapman. The club was also a regular competitor for the local cups.

By W.H.Diment
On 22/02/2013

Although this football topic is going on a tangent to the main heading there were many other local footballers who played for senior clubs. 

Many of the youngsters I was at school with at LHR had trials with Leyton Orient and West Ham United. Jimmy Bird as I recall played for Southend United, Trevor Reynolds could fill in all the other names.

By Richard Haines
On 15/10/2012

Further to the Alan Davies comment in respect of Laindon footballers who played for senior clubs outside the area, he did mention 'Ginger' James as playing for Essex, but omitted his spell at Walthamstow Avenue. Also there was Derek Ginbey who played for Brentwood and Warley and Patsy Nuth with Grays.

By WH.Diment
On 15/10/2012

Regarding Laindon footballers who enjoyed success beyond the boundaries of Laindon. Ginger James played for Essex on several occasions while Terry Keeble played for West Ham Colts, the junior squad.

By alan davies
On 14/10/2012

As remembering footballers has been included on this page and to satisfy my interest in sporting activities of old Laindon, while I can remember two pre-war teams which have not featured in the archives, that of Dunton United and Lee Chapel Rovers, can anyone remember names of those who played in them. Also now that Janet has definitely established a class player named Joe Ling, to satisfy my insatiable curiosity, would she give an approximate date of the period in which he played and if with a local club.

By W.H.Diment
On 11/10/2012

Young Joe Ling was definitely a good footballer. I think he had some games for West Ham and Colchester.

By Janet Harper (nee McDonnell)
On 29/09/2012

Yes. There was a Lenny Ling who played left half for Laindon. I watched them many times in the early 50's. Home matches were played on the field behind the Laindon Hotel. They had a very strong team most of whose names I can still remember--- Bill Cattel(gk), Reg Callow(rb), Joe Roach(lb), Eric Cole(rh), Ron Clarke(ch), Lennie Ling(lh), George Buck(rw), Sid Salmon(ir), Ginger James(cf), Frank Gammon(il), Jackie Hutchins(lw). Lennie Ling always surprised the opposing players with his ability to take a throw in and send it a prodigous distance into their goal mouth where lurked Ginger James and Sid Salmon. It worked time and time again. I have never seen a player who could make the ball travel that distance on a throw in.

By Alan Davies
On 27/09/2012

Would the name of the footballer to whom Janet refers actually been Leonard, as I can remember quite well a Lennie Ling, but the name Joe does not strike a chord in my memory, or perhaps may have been a much later era.

By W.H.Diment
On 27/09/2012
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