Photographs of Laindon Cricket Club Teams

Can you provide the names

By Geoff Fynn

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Geoff Fynn

 1 Michael Cullis 2 Ron Hircock 3 Geoff Fynn 4 Bryn Fynn 5 Reg Callow 6 Eric Webster 7 Lennie Buck

 8 Ray Fisher? 9 "Nobby" Woodley10 Ray Farmer
11 Bill Diment

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Photographs of Laindon Cricket Club Teams' page

Geoff Fynn

 1 Barry Behrend 2 Eric Webster 3 Robbie Hircock? 4 Peter Findlay 5 Jack Wilson 6 Peter Lucas
 7 Roger Noble 8 Geoff Fynn 9 Les Sheppard10 Sid Rose11 "Nobby" Woodley

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Where did Laindon CC play, where was their home ground?

By Dave Thompson
On 21/05/2015

I think the missing names are. 

First picture:- No. 1 is Michael Cullis, No. 2 is Ron Hircock, No. 7 is Lennie Buck, and No. 8 is Kenny Cullis.

Second picture:- No. 1 is Barry Behrend, No. 4 is Peter Findlay, No. 7 is Roger Noble.

By Geoff Fynn
On 10/11/2012

Top photograph, Back row, third from the left is Geoff Fynn and Geoff is in the second photograph, front row second from left.

By Ken Porter
On 26/10/2012

I suggest the following names which if incorrect may serve to arouse the memories of others. Picture No.1. 4-Bryan Fynn. 5-Reg Callow.. 6-Eric Webster. 8- ? Ray Fisher. 9-"Nobby" Woodley. 11-Bill Diment. 10-Ray Farmer. Picture No.2. 2-Eric Webster. 3- ?Robbie Hircock. 5-Jack Wilson. 6-Peter Lucas. 7-?Ken Cullis. 9-Les Shepperd. 10- Sid Rose. 11- "Nobby" Woodley.

By WH.Diment
On 24/10/2012
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