New Housing In Laindon

New Housing for Laindon

Clip from "Film produced by Woodlands School Students in co-oporation with Basildon Council 1974"

Planners and Architects idea of the way forward in housing!

By Ian Mott

Clip from Film produced by Woodlands School Students in corporation with Basildon Council 1974 of the Five links estate which became known locally as Alcatraz.

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'Alcatraz' was a great place to grow up, what with the lack of dissecting roads and big central parks. I moved to 49 Newberry Side in 1975, a three bed mid terrace. My sister and I loved it. 

We had cable television (by Rediffusion I hink), and a small square garden, and two toilets! We also had lots of other children of the same age to play with. Such a great childhood we had. 

Events that stand out in particular are the power cut in 76 which had all the residents in out courtyard gathered outside with candles at about 10 pm. they told all us kids scary stories, and made it very special. 

Then of course there was the Royal Jubilee. The adults hung clear plastic from the alleyways at each end of our 3 courtyard block, to block them off, and we had a very long central table (made of decorating trestles) which ran almost the length of the 3 blocks. A whole day of fun and games. 

We moved away in the early nineties, but 1 still walk through our old courtyard now and again, it's very sad to see how neglected it has become now. Shame on you BDC!

By John Durrant
On 10/07/2013

Escape from Alcatraz! Eve & I moved to 253 Somercotes, a top floor flat with spiral staircase to squared viewing platform looking over the old Northumberland Avenue railway crossing. 

Being "2nd generation", BDC gave us this top floor, 1 bed flat in June 1975 just weeks after we got married! 

It was over 100 degrees HOT, we fried an Egg on bare concrete!! However, it only had ceiling heating and so we suffered warm heads, but cold feet! 

Therefore, being newly married I had to find a way to transfer to Clicket Hill House; I did:-)! But I missed the three garages had opposite Tyler's Ave.

By Roger Wicking
On 04/12/2012
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