Dunton History

By Patricia Easton

I am the daughter of Kathleen and Jack Goldingay. My brother is called Francis.  My mother was a Foyle, daughter of Alice and Bill Foyle. Her brothers and sisters were called Alf, Len, Dougie, Billy, Joan and Violet. My dad was a Goldingay and had a brother called Eric and an adopted brother called Phillip Hibbert.  Does anyone remember the Foyle or Goldingay Family? Would like any information.

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Yes I remember the Foyles when I was little, Violet Foyle was a friend of my sister's and came to our house in Dunton Drive many times.   I seem to remember the parents had a win on the football pools, and then moved to Billericay, the son I remember had a big place and kept animals including a white horse which he was often seen riding.

By M Hawkins née Pratte
On 16/03/2013