Laindon Park Mrs Card's class about 1954

By Val Scurlock (Nee Newman)

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This photo was taken in Laindon Park school field about 1954. I think it was Mrs Card's class which was the second class in the school. I can remember a few of the names. From left to right-

Back Row   _ , _,  _,  _,  _ ,Heather Fullerton, _,  _,  Ronald Canning

2nd row from back Arnie Frost, Linda Smith, _, _, _ Maureen Hugget, Susan Gregory, _, Ken Prince

3rd row from back Phillip Trew?_,_,_,_,_,_,_,_,_,

Front row _, Valerie Newman, _, Prudence Wakefield, (---)Ball, Gillian Ball,_,_,_,


This page was added by Val Scurlock (Nee Newman) on 20/06/2013.
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If I could sum up the best school year in my life it would be 1957-58 at Laindon Park School. Some of the people in this photo were with me in that year and I recall you all with such fond memories. Where are you now Gillian Bull, Prudence Wakefield, Susan Gregory, Valerie Newman and Pamela Lane, Kenny Prince and Ronnie Cannings. Wonderful days.

By Richard Haines
On 05/02/2016

Hi, I remember Laindon Park so well, went there in 1955, Mrs Card was lovely and Mrs Hughes and Mrs Hodgson. I remember a field at the side of the school where we had sports days. I remember John Earp, Eric Stevens, Peter Boatwright. What great days, we used to go country dancing in the hall next to the church. The school has survived, unlike the High Rd School where I went after Laindon Park.

By Keith Nock
On 12/10/2013

This is well before my time at Laindon Park but I think I recognise Andy Darroch between Valerie Newman and Prudence Wakefield and also Brian Archer between Prudence and Gillian Bull. I too, cannot see Annette Earp in this picture. I sat with Kenny Prince during the Autumn term 1957 and had a brilliant time.

By Richard Haines
On 11/10/2013

Can now confirm that I had the correct placing for Arnie Frost (direct from the horses mouth). In front of Arnie he thinks could be Phillip Trew. Others he recalls in the class but cannot recognise are Annette Earp, Pearl Cullis, Geoff O'shea, Phillip Lowe & Phillip Comber. Do these ring any bells with anyone ?

By Eric Pasco
On 10/10/2013

Val, You may be correct that Arnold Frost is not the one I thought. Looking again but not sure... have contacted Arnie to identify himself. Will let you know. Another I think I recognise is Barry Busher?

By Eric Pasco
On 02/07/2013

I have been looking at this charming little photograph again. I'm sure the big tree in the picture was in the row at the very back of the school field. Over to the right of the photo would be the corner of the field where we would cut through to go home through Pound Lane. Is that pretty little girl between Susan Gregory and Kenny Prince the elusive Pamela Lane ? How lucky to be at that school those children were. We always felt proud to go there. I'd love to have one more peep inside just to see if it brings back any memories.

By Richard Haines
On 28/06/2013

Mrs Card was so lovely, she used to bring sweets in on Fridays & I never remember her shouting. She tried to teach us to knit & I remember mine was always a triangle as I would acquire more stitches as I went along. I liked Mr Rand and Mrs Hodgson was lovely too. I saw Mrs Hodgson once in Basildon. I had my first baby by then. She recognised me!!!

By Linda Clarke
On 27/06/2013

Valerie some more names of kids in our class were Philip Trew, Brian Archer, Howard Davies, Robert Lewin, Andy Darroch but I'm strugling with the girls at the moment. Gillian Bull was an only child so no brother there . Her cousin was Baden Bull who lived in Claremont Road . I would love to get the class books for that year to study the names but I think they are unobtainable for a number of years. There were a group of girls sat behind me in that class, Susan Gregory, Pamela Lane, Heather Fullerton and I think you as well. We went to a pantomime in London that Christmas, magical times .

By Richard Haines
On 26/06/2013

There were a few faces that I thought I could put a name to. I think that the third from the left on the 2nd row from the back may have been a Mary and fifth from the left in that row may have been June. But you can't rely on me because I thought Arnold Frost may have been 4th from the left in the 2nd row from the front. Linda, I remember the name Joyce Gordon and wondered if she is the last from the left in the front row. None of these suggestions are sound. I can remember the name Pamela Lane but can't put her to a face. Does anyone remember the Christian name of Gillian Bull's brother sitting next to her in the front row?

By Val Scurlock nee Newman
On 25/06/2013

I was in this group's class in 1957, bit later than the photo by a few years. I moved from Barking as a skinny blond boy in August 1957 and was in the same Mr Stone's class as Arnold Frost, Kenny Prince, Valerie Newman and also Gillian Bull who lived near me. No prizes Eric for getting Susan Gregory (you would know that hairstyle anywhere) and somewhere in there should be Pamela Lane. Brilliant times back in the day. Come on Valerie please think of some more names.

By Richard Haines
On 23/06/2013

Whilst I did not go to this school I believe I recognise Arnie Frost as 1st one in 2nd row from back and Ken Prince the last one in the same row. I was in their classes at LHR from around 1960. Arnie and I still keep in touch.

By Eric Pasco
On 22/06/2013

Hi Val. Nice to see this photo. I've been wracking my brains, but I can't remember more names. Somewhere in there should be Joyce Gordon as she was in Mrs Cards class then. Linda Clarke (Smith)

By Linda Clarke
On 22/06/2013