Jobson Family - Laindon & District Operatic Society.

Nineteen thirties.

By Nina Humphrey(née Burton)

Frederick Charles Jobson was a founder member of Langdon Hills Operatic Society and Langdon Players.  He took part in various productions along with his son Victor and daughter Ivy.

These performances of “Pinafore” and 'Micado'  were performed by ‘Laindon & District Operatic Society and are thought to have taken place in the late thirties.  Originally called Langdon Hills Operatic Society (early thirties).  Later became “Basildon Operatic Society” and is still going today.




Langdon Hills Conservation Society

Back row on stage from left to right:  Herbert Williams.  ?  Norman Williams.  D. Pope.  B. Bradbrooke.  ?    ?   Mary Henbest.  Ernie Rand.

Middle row on stage from left to right:  Doris Holland.  Kath Bearman.  Dorothy Simpson.  Dorothy Hollands.  Joan White.  ?   ?   ?   Ivy Jobson.  Olive Hagger.  Grace Rand.  Doris Cole.  Marjorie Walker.  Hilda Turnham.

Front row on stage from left to right:  Len White.  Joan Dunham.  Ray Cordwell.  E Holland.  C. Holland.  Nan Brunton.  W. Holland  I. Hagger.  W. Cole.  Vic Jobson.  W. Dunham.

The Orchestra from left to right:  ?  L Marlton.  Harold Barker.  Albert Spenser.  ?  ?  Vic Reading.  Harold Scrivens.  Nick Carter.  ?   ?Marlton.  Wm. Wells.  George Spencer.




Langdon Hills Conservation Society

Back row from left to right:  Vic Jobson.  Ivy Hagger.  Fred Jobson.  Ethel Holland.  Cyril Holland.  Walter Dunham.  Ivy Poulton.  Mary Thompson.  Marjorie Walker.  Len White.

Middle row from left to right:  Jack Fothergill.  Tom Yeoman.  William Holland.  Reg Porter.  Joe Fothergill.  William Hopper.

Front row from left to right:  ? Spenser.  William Wells.  Harold Barker.  Laurie Marlton.  Chas Carter.  Fred Harvey.  Nick Carter.

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